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Salary Increase Is A Win-Win Game.

2009/3/30 17:00:00 41986

Salary is the most realistic reward in a career. Warm houses, beautiful clothes, children's bilingual schools, private cars, skin nourishing water and lipsticks rely on it. So the news of the pay increase is a holiday for every working woman. I wish everyone a festival every day. Ha ha, the boss's face must be green.

In fact, salary increase is the result of a series of processes. What is a series of processes?

First look at the source of pay increases:

1, regular salary increase. Without a good example, a good company has a certain upward trend in wages every year to offset the depreciation of money. Want to enjoy this raise? To join a good business, formal, large or rapid development, the key is people-oriented. Just like riding a ride, I can't miss it. Do you have any company?

2, the raise of job promotion. This is directly related to the promotion of your core competency, from the management of grassroots jobs, or to the Greater China region of China. When someone else gets together, you work overtime, others rest on your business trip, while your husband looks pale occasionally, the boss's face laughs into a flower. Achievements will be promoted, promoted, job demands are different, responsibilities are different, contributions are different, and returns increase is natural. So this kind of raise comes from your efforts.

3, the raise of job hopping. Although the supply and demand sides of the labor market are at a seller's disadvantage, Lao sun's theory "core employees can achieve premium at local level (or bargaining)". It explains why many elite of foreign companies can improve their status through job hopping. Therefore, after doing a good job, we should also package ourselves and show ourselves. The best way is to participate in social activities. Lectures, writing and salons are of great benefit. Being caught by headhunters is really being watched by new salary increases.

4, pay a raise with a flash label. In fact, it is a way to enhance core competitiveness, but it is more direct and immediate. Mastering new management skills, taking certification; (E) MBA, taking certificates; reading, reading, studying abroad, taking degrees and so on are very effective. Arrangements, spare time, long holidays, tuition fees or simply leave 1-2 years are investment. As long as we do not give up past career accumulation, labels plus the beginning of returns.

Seeing the source, the way of hard work is very simple. Summarized as follows:

1. Do a good job, do better work than others, and give your child more to your husband or mother.

2, there are achievements and remarkable achievements. We must ensure that the boss can see that Jinyi night trip is a great loss.

3, more active, relying on enterprises, to the community, pay is rewarded.

4, when there is no actual combat opportunity, we will recharge and invest.

Is it too utilitarian? The economic animals of the economic society must follow the economic rules if they want the economy to succeed.

Salary increase is a win-win game. In the face of the competition of wisdom, what will women lose to men?

Beat them!

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