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Strong External Trading Limit To Stimulate The Domestic Market Continues To Rise

2011/2/11 13:58:00 79

Cotton Export Textile Mill Spot

In the overnight market, ICE futures rose sharply, and buying continued to catch up, pushing up the contract limit in recent months. At present, the global textile mills are actively purchasing 33915265.00,0.79% (spot shipment), but limited supply has become the weight of cotton price rise.

The latest US cotton export weekly showed last week.

US cotton exports

The volume of freight traffic has again hit a record high this year.

According to the current situation, cotton price hit $2 is just around the corner.

Recently, India's domestic spot price has reached a record high of 148.25 cents / pound. The cotton traders are busy buying cotton and shipping cotton yarn exports.

As of January 30th, the total number of new flowers in India has reached 3 million 315 thousand tons this year, an increase of 187 thousand tons over the same period last year.

It is also urgent for the government to raise the export quota of cotton.

Last week, the India government allowed exports of yarns made of imported cotton and there was no limit on quantity.

However, at present, the cost of cotton imports in India is high and the price of yarn is also rising. Therefore, it is difficult for cotton yarn to find buyers even if it is exported.

In the international market, China's main quotation of imported cotton continued to rise 3-5 cents.

On the whole,

Outer cotton

The quotation is about 10 cents higher than before the Spring Festival.

During the Spring Festival, US cotton export sales are still active. The market expects us cotton exports and shipments to be satisfactory last week, and the number of cotton to port will continue to increase in the near future.

At present, the bullish market is expected to be strong, but the pressure of the callback is also increasing after the rapid rise of the external market.

Domestic market, domestic cotton market turnover remained light, but many cotton and textile enterprises are brewing to raise the price of cotton or cotton yarn.

For the current market, the current international cotton prices continue to hit a new high, significantly higher than domestic cotton prices, in a strong basic support, it is difficult to have a big fall in the short term. The rise in the latter market has become a common market consensus. For the later growth, some enterprises believe that the key lies in the downstream enterprises' bearing capacity for cotton prices and the subsequent macro tightening policies that may continue.

Spot quotes, February 10th, USA

C/A cotton

The price quoted is 211.90 (cents / pound, the same below). The general port trade delivery price is 35640 yuan / ton (calculated according to the sliding tax, the same below).

Australia cotton quotation is 217.80, discount general port trade port delivery price 36591 yuan / ton.

Uzbekistan cotton quotation is 230.85, discount RMB general port trade delivery price 38734 tons.

The quotation for West African cotton is 216.60, and the general port trade delivery price is 36391 yuan / ton.

The national cotton price A index was 29680 yuan / ton, up 94 yuan / ton; the B index was 28859 yuan / ton, up 63 yuan / ton.

Market analysis, the international cotton price has stood above 35000, the market and Zhengzhou disk also rose sharply, the market bull mood continues to heat up, at present, we are more concerned about the domestic stock market follow-up.

On the disk, it shows that funds are more active in contracts far away from undervalued value.

Overnight strong trading limit, will stimulate the domestic market continues to rise.

Operational recommendations, prior to holding more.

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