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Nanhua Futures: PTA Refresh Again

2011/2/11 14:13:00 73

PTA Futures South China

External market: NYMEX crude oil futures fell slightly on Wednesday, due to the earlier published EIA report shows that the US fuel supply unexpectedly increased, today, the electronic disk followed the public goods stronger and opened slightly rebounded.

Naphtha increased from 3 US dollars to US $868-870 / ton.


Japan; heterogeneous MX fell 1 US dollars to 1056-1057 US dollars / ton FOB Korea; PX: Asia rose 2 to 1619-1620 US dollars / ton FOB Korea; Europe was stationary at 1692-1696 US dollars / ton FOB Rotterdam; the United States was stationary at 1650-1660 US dollars / ton FOB in the Gulf of America.

On the inside side: today, 1105 continues to be strong and high, and the trend is on the way to win. The closing market is close to 12200, and the turnover is smaller than that of yesterday, with a continuous increase of more than 15000 hands.



On the spot: the PTA spot market has increased the volume of business and the price has continued to rise. In the inner market, Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, there are few quotations on the spot cash delivery part of the shipping market. Some buyers are at the level of 11700-11750 yuan / ton, and the average paction price is near 11800. The quotation of the external market continues to rise, and a small amount of quotation from the spot market is in the range of 1500 US dollars / ton. The general spot paction is conducted at 1470 US dollars / ton or above the level. A small quantity of Korean products is quoted at 1450-1460 yuan / ton, the general spot price level is around 1450 U.S. dollars / ton, and two two single cargo traded at 1460 US dollars / ton in the afternoon.

Polyester: after the opening of the polyester factory, prices continued to rise, and the overall increase was 200-500 yuan / ton. The actual turnover was relatively light. Individual varieties such as POY were moderately popular, production and sales were slightly better, and sales of DTY and FDY were weak. Direct spinning after short and long vacation rose rapidly. Following yesterday's big factory rose 400 yuan / ton, most of the factories today continued to rise. The mainstream quotation rose from 14600 yuan / ton to 15100 yuan / ton cash, and the higher price was 15300 yuan / ton.

Market outlook: after a brief adjustment yesterday, the commodity market once again showed strong growth.

Phase PTA

The price market has steadily pushed up to a new high; the downstream polyester market has opened one after another, the price has been rising along with the raw materials, the cost has been pferred smoothly, and the stock of polyester factories has not increased much after the holiday, which is relatively low compared with previous years. This provides convenience for the recent increase in raw material prices, and forecasts the recent rise or continuation of the PTA price.

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