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Long Hair Rabbit And Coarse Haired Rabbit Cross &Nbsp; Improve Rabbit Efficiency

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Economic Value Rabbit Hair


Long haired rabbit

He will play with the French rough rabbit.

This will improve the rabbit.


Value, disease resistance and fecundity

These days, the staff of Xinchang County long haired rabbit farm are busy looking after the first generation of offspring born in China.

"This rabbit has strong disease resistance and fecundity, and its economic value is high. We will make them match with Xinchang long haired rabbit."

Gao Bailv, director of the Xinchang County long hair rabbit Research Institute, told reporters.

According to introduction, in May this year, Xinchang county invested 600 thousand yuan to introduce 210 long hair hairs from France, and began production in late November.

Compared with Xinchang long haired rabbits, the coarse wool hairy rabbits have stronger resistance to disease and fecundity, while the yield of rabbit hair is slightly lower, but the gross hairs are about 5 times higher.

at present

Rabbit's hair

The price is about 50%, but the cost of farming is almost the same.

"These French rabbit hairs are very long and thick. They are easy to pluck, and can be pulled out in about 15 minutes. The price of the hair is higher than that of the cut."

Chen Aijuan, director of the Xinchang County long haired rabbit breeding farm, has been in possession of the rabbit for 30 years.

As the "hometown of Chinese long haired rabbits", the long haired rabbit bred in Xinchang county has provided high-quality rabbit brew throughout the country.

In the more than 10 hare meeting held in the county, Xinchang farmers' breeding of long haired rabbits broke the world record, and the highest annual output was more than 4100 grams.

However, the disease resistance and fecundity of Xinchang long haired rabbits decreased year by year.

"We are the only unit in the legal system of the coarse rabbit breeding program organized by the Ministry of agriculture. Through pure breeding, next year we will export coarse wool hairy rabbits to all parts of the country, and let them hybridized with Xinchang long haired rabbits to breed new rabbit species that fully combine the advantages of both sides, so as to improve the economic benefits of rabbit and the disease resistance and fecundity of long haired rabbits."

Gao Bai Green said.

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