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It Is Very Important For College Students To Find 3000 Of The Internet Stores.

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Online Entrepreneurship Of College Students

As online shopping is becoming more and more popular, college students are earning money when they study online and earn their own money online.


Entrepreneurship has become a new way of employment for many college students.

According to AI research data, users accounted for more than 50% in the past two years, accounting for about 30% of new online stores each year.

The employment index released by Taobao also showed that 1 million 60 thousand people passed the first half of this year.


Shop opened to achieve employment. From the age point of view, more than half of Taobao shopkeepers are between twenty and thirty-two years old.


The beginning of a small Yao from a university in Hebei is a typical example.

Xiao Yao told reporters that he studied senior e-commerce this year, and studied e-commerce. In order to make up for the lack of theoretical knowledge in school, he followed some friends' suggestions and tried to open online stores on Taobao and other platforms. Because friends are traditional enterprises, they can directly get a first-hand source of goods. They were confident enough, but shops did not ask for a few months to shop. Later, they realized that the bad business of the shop was not poor promotion, nor was the product unattractive. Instead, Taobao gradually downplayed its personal users, mainly promoting Taobao mall.

"Taobao has little chance of opening up shop for individuals, especially novice shops," says Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao, who was unwilling to fail, began to build his own station technology by himself. After three months of continuous practice, he finally succeeded in building his own online shopping mall.

The website mainly sells all kinds of quality mirror. "Because the products are attractive and the price is cheap, they are good gifts for lovers or friends. Now we can sell dozens of products a day, mainly through the promotion of some friends and classmates. We can earn about 3000 yuan a month in the good sales situation, which is enough for my living expenses."

Xiao Yao said with pride.

Through online shop Xiao Yao has a deeper understanding of e-commerce. After all, e-commerce must be based on commerce. Electronic or network is only an auxiliary trading tool. Only by using this tool can we better promote trade.

Independent online stores are more likely to set up shop brands and promote internet marketing than C2C online stores.

Xiao Yao told reporters that it is better for college students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses before opening a shop. Don't blindly follow suit to see what others do to earn money and do what they do, and find the direction according to their energy and ability.

But at the same time, he also stressed that students are still the most important thing to do with their schoolwork. Online shop is just a way to cultivate their comprehensive ability.

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