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In The Short Term, The Market Of Polyester Staple Fiber Still Has Upward Space.

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Polyester Staple Market


The market trend of polyester staple fiber in China is still good after the long holiday. As of February 12th, the price of mainstream staple market in 1.4D*38mm direct spinning East China polyester staple market has reached 14800-15200 yuan / ton.

I believe that this is mainly driven by the price of cotton and the support of polyester market.



Pull up

The majority of polyester staple fiber is used to replace cotton yarn. Therefore, the price difference between cotton and cotton is an important factor to promote the steady rise of the recent polyester staple market.

From the current trend of domestic cotton market, since 2011, the price of domestic cotton spot market has continued to rise, and the international cotton price has also been rising.

Many cotton traders and cotton farmers have a strong desire to sell, and textile enterprises are also planning to raise the price of cotton. The market is expected to rise and the price of cotton is generally rising all over the country.

As of February 11th, it was reported that 2 grade lint quotes at 31500 yuan / ton, 3 level.

Lint newspaper

The price is near 31000 yuan / ton.

At the same time, China's cotton price index continued to rise, of which the CCIndex328 class index was 29308 yuan / ton, up 469 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day. The difference between the price difference between the polyester staple and the present polyester fiber is obviously in an unreasonable scope. Under such a price gap, the pulling effect on the recent market price rise of polyester staple fiber is obviously very sufficient.

Two, the market performance of polyester products is strong.

The recent market performance of polyester products is strong.

Polyester chips, including half light chips spot paction price of 13600 yuan / ton in March to accept the delivery, glossy slice spot paction price in 13500 yuan / ton three months short distance delivery.

At the same time, the market price of CDP chips has been running smoothly, and the spot market paction price has been delivered to six months in about 14300 yuan / ton, and the price of polyester bottle has maintained a stable trend, and its market is generally sent to the paction price of 13800 yuan / ton.

According to the Ministry of Commerce's China Shengze silk chemical fiber index data monitoring, the 11 day chemical fiber index rose to 101.47 points.

Judging from the market trend of polyester filament, its market price has steadily risen, of which FDY50D/48F six months' acceptance price has risen to 19600 yuan / ton.

Three, upstream raw materials stabilize

Judging from the current market, although the upstream raw material has no obvious effect on the promotion of polyester staple fiber, its steady market performance undoubtedly provides a certain cost support for polyester staple fiber.

Judging from the international crude oil futures market, as of the end of February 11th, the New York Mercantile Exchange delivered light crude oil futures in March at $85.58 a barrel, while London crude oil futures closed at $101.43 a barrel and continued to spiral high.

Judging from the market of upstream raw materials, the PTA spot market is in a steady upward trend.

Up to now, the price of the holder's offer has risen to 11800-11900 yuan / ton in the East China inner market, and the price of the PTA market is near $1470 / ton, the price of the Korean offer is near 1460 dollars / ton.

Four, downstream needs form support.

If there is demand, there will be market, and there will be price in the market.

Judging from the current market situation of downstream yarn, the recent market situation of pure polyester yarn has also shown a steady rise, of which 32S

Pure polyester yarn

Market quotation rose to 19600 yuan / ton, 45S pure polyester yarn market price to 20600 yuan / ton, and from the paction situation, its market paction is also good.

Taking all these factors into consideration, I believe that the market of polyester staple fiber will still be upward in the short term.

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