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Shoes And Healthy Right And Wrong

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HeelsHigh HeelsFlat Shoes.

Abstract: shoes are indispensable necessities for people.

It can not only promote a group of clothes and chew, but also our health.

From the comfort and simplicity of flat shoes to the seduction and fashion of high-heeled shoes, the footwear industry is constantly changing.


The height.

And the latest research shows that

Negative heel shoes

More conducive to human health.

Shoes are indispensable to modern life.

The ancients said: the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

If you don't have shoes, you can hardly imagine.

If we mention the science of shoes, the first thing we must think about is sports shoes.

Although in 1960, Ethiopia's marathon athlete bebbe won the world champion, but with the retrogression of sports technology, the era of barefoot Daxian has gone forever.

In ancient sports, sports shoes are boots and equipment.

The manufacturer's development of sports shoes is no less than that of the martial arts competition. It can be regarded as spendthrift and spendthrift. The cost of a pair of running shoes can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars.

The superstitious design of sports shoes has different requirements on the sole of shoes at different sports and even different venues. Therefore, a lot of sole parts can be freely replaced to keep them in constant demand.

Liu Xiang, the famous hurdler, had long decided to replace the short pins of running shoes with nails before the competition, and achieved satisfactory achievements. He also called long nails as his "secret weapon".

As the saying goes, life depends on exercise.

Ordinary people's standing and walking is also a sport. Should they have corresponding health equipment? Because people are upright, their weight is all in two feet.

When standing and walking, shoes and feet must be combined into an organic whole.

So the science of ordinary people's shoes is also the sole of shoes. Unscientific design is not only bad for daily life, but also harmful to health.

A typical example is a series of foot diseases caused by high-heeled shoes.

At the same time, high-heeled shoes also directly affect the health of the spine.

Therefore, doctors are particularly suggesting that patients with low back pain and cervical spondylosis must pay attention to the choice of shoes and avoid wearing high heels.

This is a major issue related to human health. Therefore, the study of living shoes is far more important than the research of sports shoes.

The relationship between people and shoes is the relationship between the building and the foundation.

No one will be careless about the design of foundation. The foundation will also set up a special foundation sub committee to conduct in-depth research.

But for shoe design, it has never been so strict.

The outdated and stereotype of traditional views seriously hampered the development of shoemaking research and caused more health problems.

Clinical materials show that "foot diseases, except congenital malformations, are acquired acquired foot diseases."

It is estimated that around 1/4 of the world suffers from varying degrees of foot disease. "

The medical community has confirmed that all body diseases are directly related to shoes.

And a lot of data confirm that barefoot is more conducive to the health of feet.

That is to say, from the angle of health of feet, shoes are harmful and useless.

For a long time, no real cause and countermeasure had been found, so we had to call it "barbarism".

This is undoubtedly a great satire for the highly developed modern science.


Love and hate

High-heeled shoes

High heeled shoes are the love of fashion motherhood. They are usually magnificent and magnificent like artworks.

But at first, the feeling of wearing it must be careful, such as thin carbon, as the song says: "high heel shoes step on steady steps".

Along with torture, all kinds of diseases follow.

In terms of shoes and health problems, the high heel shoes' health damage is the most typical and prominent. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

Forefoot disease.

Common foot diseases such as hallux valgus and interphalangeal neuroma are related to moderate stress.

High heels make the center of gravity move forward, and the power of the sole is doubled.

Once these two diseases are formed, walking can be greatly affected, even wearing shoes with deformity is very difficult.

In addition to surgery, there are no better decisions.

Flat foot syndrome.

Plantar fasciae laxity is an important cause of flat foot disease. It is located at the sole of the foot, maintaining the stability of the arch as the bowstring.

The higher the heel is, the longer the rear arm of the arch is, the greater the tensile force (tension) of the plantar fascia.

If the tension is too long and the plantar fascia is loose, the arch will decrease, which will cause flat feet.

The relationship between the height of the heel and the tensile force of the plantar fascia can be clearly reflected from the structure of the sole.

Many shoes have a steel plate called the "hook heart" in the center of the foot (which is called the plantar aponeurosis).

It is used to strengthen the sole of shoes.

The higher the heel is, the higher the strength of steel hooks is, otherwise the soles will be easily broken.

The higher the heel is, the more the sole needs to be reinforced by steel hooks, and the human plantar fascia is helpless.

Ankle injury.

Ankle injuries are commonly known as "sprained feet". Wearing high heels is a common practice.

The right ankle is prone to turn inward during walking and exercise.

People themselves are constantly adjusting this turnover force to maintain a balance, but after wearing high heels, the ability to adjust will be weakened, and easy to cause sprain.

The higher the heel is, the greater the potential energy to turn inside, the more serious the injury level will be.

Low back pain and cervical spondylosis.

The important reason for lumbago and cervical spondylosis is that the curvature of the spine is too large. Because the spine is connected by multiple vertebrae, the contact surfaces of the two vertebrae are nearly three-dimensional.

When the posture is tall and straight, the contact between the vertebrae is between the surface and the surface, the force is evacuated, and it is not easy to damage; when the spine is bent, the contact surface between the vertebrae becomes smaller, the force tends to be concentrated, and even concentrated to a point, the pressure increases rapidly, which is easy to damage the vertebrae.

High heel shoes make people's center of gravity move forward too much, which will inevitably cause the pelvis to tilt forward, the curvature of the spine to increase, the centralization of the lumbar vertebrae and the cervical vertebrae, and easily cause injury. The accumulation of such injuries will eventually lead to lumbago and cervical spondylosis.

Specious middle heeled shoes

For a long time, heel shoes have always been considered to be the most healthy ones, and without any adverse effects, they become the two poles of the high-heeled shoes.

In the footwear industry, it is regarded as a rule of law, and designers try to match their products with standards in order to sell well.

Because of health considerations, consumers often choose middle heels.

Those women who are afraid of high-heeled shoes are fond of the same kind of middle heeled shoes that can also be swayed.

In this way, the middle heeled shoes naturally become the mainstream products of footwear.

But this theory sometimes makes people doubt that heels and heels are heeled at the back of the sole, though highly different, but it is difficult to draw a relative line.

For example, 3.5 centimeters of heels, some people think that they are high heels, some people think they are middle heels, and at first there are "middle high heels" pitional names.

Since there is no absolute limit, how can it have the opposite effect? High heeled shoes are a healthy enemy with disadvantages and no benefits. Just a little shorter middle heeled shoes is a healthy angel with a perfect flaw. If we look at it with jealous eyes, we will have more problems.

The center of heel health theory is that it can make the force of the plantar average.

It seems very simple to explain: high heels make the sole of the foot stronger than the heel, which is not conducive to health.

Only the middle heel shoe can make the force of the foot smooth, so it is the best.

In fact, only by looking at the anatomy of the foot, we can see that the structure of the foot is obviously uneven. The ad abdominal exercise machine is very strong in the calcaneus and strong in muscular ligaments, while the bones, muscles and ligaments in the front foot are much weaker.

From the perspective of human brain mechanics, the skeleton of the calcaneus is similar to the longitudinal superposition, the structure is stable, the gravity conduction is smooth, and the bones of the front foot are almost arranged horizontally. When bearing, they must be maintained by the strength of the muscles and ligaments. They belong to elastic structures, which are easy to deform and are not suitable for bearing.

In a word, no matter from which angle, the forefoot's bearing capacity is far less than that of the back foot, so that the front and rear feet are subjected to the same pressure without reason.

It will damage the delicate parts, which is also the cause of foot disease in the forefoot.

Look at the so-called second advantages of middle heels, namely, slowing down vibrations, maintaining the spine and brain, and how to get red blood on the face.

The disease caused by vibration is called vibration sickness, which reduces the efficacy of the nervous system. Conditioned reflex is restrained, nerve endings are damaged, and vibration and pain can manifest itself.

It shows that the arms are numb, sour, painful, and have a sense of ant walking. The arms will also be rosy, cyanotic, muscular weakness and muscle atrophy.

But vibration sickness belongs to occupational disease. It is the result of long-term stimulation of human body by high frequency mechanical vibration.

Most of them are in flexible vehicle drivers. For example, the vibration frequency of a tractor driver is up to 50 times per second, and the high speed gear can be up to 100~200 times.

This shock and the shock of human motion are two completely different concepts.

In order to prevent panic in vibration disease, the 108th domestic (Organization for mechanical and vibration) Technical Committee fourth (human body vibration response) Chapter specially studied the impact of vibration on human health, and finally concluded that "walking and Mercedes" are natural ways of human movement.

Especially when it comes to the work of muscle realization, it can be considered that the vibration stress that arises should not be harmful in normal circumstances. In order to lose the indication of vibration in the upright posture, it is beneficial to compare the response of people caused by vibration when walking or running.

Since this vibration is beneficial, why should middle heeled shoes be prepared against it?

It is boring that the shoe heel was not first used for walking, but for riding.

When the nomads are riding, the heel can keep their feet firmly stuck to the stirrups, and they can also stand up and use weapons when fighting.

Following the domestication of nomadic people everywhere, heel shoes have gradually spread and are widely accepted.

This is for practical needs, and is the sole function of shoe heel.

From the point of view of human body, there are two kinds of heel and heel shoes.

According to scientific classification, heeled shoes and high-heeled shoes should be known as heels.

If high heeled shoes are particularly harmful to human body, the middle heeled shoes are moderately harmful, especially for the developing adolescents and the physically and mentally aging middle aged and elderly people.

After the clarification of the problem of middle heel shoes, at present, the foot disease has rebounded sharply, and the knot called "cultural disease" has been solved.

The injury of middle heeled shoes is not as striking as that of high heels, but it will become a disease after all.

What is even more worrying is that this effect is still increasing.

In recent years, on the list of weight loss products, the manufacturers of sports shoes have come up with new styles of sports shoes. Under the delusion of the heel and shoe theory, more and more people have switched to sports with their middle heels, which is very dangerous.

I hope this question can be raised and cleared up, which will arouse people's perceptual thinking.

Middle heels and high heels are collectively referred to as heels.

Absolutely, there is no substantial difference between the two in terms of the role of the human body.

Natural children flat shoes

Since the heels are higher and more harmful, is there no harm to flat shoes or barefoot with heels? A large number of medical practices have shown that barefoot is more conducive to foot health than wearing shoes, but the skin is easily damaged.

Flat shoes can obviously supplement this deficiency, and can also adhere to the mechanical state of barefoot. This is also the most natural and natural state of human beings, which is in accordance with human body's mechanical structure and movement rules.

But in recent years, many articles have made trouble for flat shoes. They think that wearing heels is too heavy for the heel and easily cause heel damage. Besides, the poor cushioning function of flat shoes will affect the health of the spine and brain.

Like the health theory of heels, there is no scientific basis for this.

In fact, when standing on barefoot and flat shoes, although the heel is larger than the sole of the foot, it fits the mechanical structure of the foot and does not damage the heel.

The theory has been dissected since now. Now let's take a look at the theory.

Foot injuries caused by excessive exercise are known as "March fractures" in clinical practice, also known as "walking feet".

He was named because he was a walking soldier.

The disease is commonly seen in runners, race walkers, gymnasts, textile workers and porters.

Its main damage is the metatarsal bone in the forefoot, especially the two or three metatarsal bone and its surrounding soft tissue.

This also proves from practice that heel's bearing capacity is far greater than that of the sole, because the first damaged foot is always the front foot.

If you wear heel shoes, the appearance of forefoot injuries will undoubtedly be earlier and more serious.

The heel is much stronger than we think.

Most of the injuries are caused by high altitude falls and other internal injuries or incidents, accompanied by multiple fractures of the spine and pelvis, which are not sports injuries.

People who wear heels often have heel pain when they wear flat shoes occasionally. Patients who stay in bed for a long time are more pronounced. This is the result of a lack of weight-bearing in the heel for a long time, and the atrophy of plantar fat pad.

Look at the disadvantage of shock absorption.

The argumentation of the prestige institution has proved that vibration caused by human movement is not only harmless to health but beneficial.

When we are engaged in strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor, the shaking is determined to be much larger than that of our daily life, and are not all flat shoes? If the flat shoes really hurt the spine and brain, then how can the early humans walk barefoot? {page_break}


In reason and in shoes

Then, is there any kind of shoes that are beneficial to human health in mechanics? Based on the above analysis, we will naturally think of shoes with high and low rear height. We call them shoes for a long time.

In fact, negative shoes are no longer hypothetical. They have been in the market for several years, but they have always been famous.

There are more kinds of shoes and more manufacturers. The following three kinds are typical: the earth shoes in the United States, the slimming shoes in Hongkong and the training shoes in Beijing.

The functions of these three kinds of shoes are basically the same as that of the gentleman, so that the spine can be straightened out.

"The earth shoes" originated from the perception of a yoga instructor, who, when traveling on the seashore, found that the local people's posture was extraordinarily tall and strong.

In her observation, she paid special attention to the footprints of the locals on the beach: the deep part of the heel.

Thus, a shoe with high and low front sole is made, and it feels very tall after wearing, and has the ingenious effect of "lotus seat" in yoga training.

I feel comfortable when I walk, as if I am enjoying the "barefoot walk on the beach".

The earth shoes are very popular in the United States, and more than 500 sales terminals are spread all over the country, and exported to many countries and regions.

Western countries are warming up the climax of walking fitness, but also provide a broad market space for the earth shoes.

The discoverer of "slim shoes" is the senior female supervisor of a footwear international business company in Hongkong.

She found that the soles of the front and rear shoes are not only able to be upright but also have a significant weight loss effect.

This has also aroused great interest among scientists. For scientific research purposes, Professor Hong Youlian, Professor of sports science of Chinese University Hong Kong, vice president of the international sports biomechanics society and Dr. Li Jingxian, director of human sports laboratory, has conducted a research and test on fitness shoes.

Through photographic recording, electromyography, energy consumption and respiration.

6 target tests have been carried out in terms of rate monitoring, plantar force analysis, and other equipment and wrist.

Research has proved that shoes with high and low front sole can make the trunk straighten directly, strengthen back muscles, and assist in correcting standing and walking posture.

"Slimming effect" has also been fully proved, so fitness shoes also known as "thin body fitness shoes."

At the same time, it is also found that "when walking on this kind of fitness shoes, the changes in the posture of the human body make the impact force of the foot contact with the air less", which undoubtedly has a protective effect on the foot.

The development of body training shoes has been studied by many researchers from various angles, and many academic papers have been published.

Body training shoes, as the name suggests, are used to vilify the figure.

The ballet dancer's posture is undoubtedly the most perfect, especially because their torso is much more direct than the normal person.

The industry called it "unnatural posture", which is an important condition for ballet dancers and the highest state of human beauty.

Ballet physique training requires that both feet must be opened outwards 180 "one", and after the center of gravity moves to the heel, people will form a different upright posture.

The function of body training shoes is the same. Because the sole is high and low, it also forces the center of gravity of the human body to move to the heel.

In this way, people's standing and walking in daily life all have the meaning of physique training and turn the body training into a part of life.

This method has been popularized as a teaching material in the dance world, and the body training shoes are more popular with the body preference (especially postpartum women), and it is called "the body training method for lazy people".

If you have no interest in this kind of shoes, if you are interested, you can also verify by two small experiments: keep your figure upright (like standing on the wall), understand whether the center of gravity is on the heel, stand on bare feet or wear flat shoes, and place a 2 centimeter thick book on the front foot, and feel the posture is higher than usual.

Body training shoes also have medical implications.

As we all know, the basic cause of lumbago and cervical spondylosis is the excessive twists and turns of the spine. Correction is the most basic way of treatment. The physical training of healthy people is the treatment for patients with low back pain and cervical spondylosis.

The healing effect of body training shoes can also be explained in a difficult way.

Surgeons usually encourage patients to "go backward" and actually prove the consequences are good.

The same principle of body exercise is used, and the function of backward walking is to move the center of gravity back to the heel.

But walking is restricted by many conditions such as road conditions, and it is easy to fall down.

It is precisely because of these hidden dangers that it is difficult for us to go back to exercise for a long time, and the effect is naturally limited.

Body training shoes solve this problem, it will be the center of gravity of the body in the long term at the heel, that is, when walking forward, there is also a backward walking rehabilitation function, nexin Kang L-carnitine official website tells you how to lose weight quickly and healthily.

This latest method of rehabilitation for lumbago is called the lumbago foot therapy in medical circles.

It may not be necessary for someone to take a trip or wear a pair of shoes to encroach on heel health.

Take ballet dancer as an example, ballet has many movements but only five feet. It is called the five position. Every foot asks for the feet to be turned outward (or horizontally).

At this point, the weight of the whole body is almost on the heel, which is more powerful than wearing the negative shoes, and it also needs intense activities.

Even so, the ballet dancer's heel will not be damaged.

In the history of ballet for hundreds of years, there is no record of heel damage.

Therefore, such worries are unnecessary, and the center of gravity is at the heels.

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