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Etiquette And Shoes &Nbsp; Closely Linked.

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In life etiquette, there are many customary practices for wearing shoes, some of which are also Ceremony Rules such as full moon shoes for babies; wedding banquet must be worn. Wedding shoes Birthday is the word of Shou Weng's blessing, funeral dress, shoes and funeral.

   Next shoe delivery.

In Chinese wedding, shoes It plays a more important role. In ancient times, women's shoes were called "Kun shoes" in order to show that men and women are different, men are dry and women are Kun. Marriage is a great event in life. Women in the Han Dynasty wore clogs when they were married, and painted them on the cages. (see the book of Han Dynasty, five lines of records), in the Southern Dynasty, when a married woman's house was hired, it was necessary to first put the new silk shoes in pairs. (see Chinese ancient and modern notes) is the unit of calculation for ancient shoes.

During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, in Ningbo and Yin County, there was a custom of putting shoes on foot in their marriage folklore. Local marriage customs, first sent a matchmaker to ask for instructions in two men's and two families. If they go through Boji and settle their marriage, then the man will give a gift to the woman, which is called "sending the day paste". At this time, the woman wanted to send a man to his great grandmother and grandmother. It is carefully produced by the size and size of the female family. At the next time, the man sent his hairpin, hairpin, silk, silk, livestock and wine cakes to the woman's house. When the ladies hold a banquet, they will return to the middle of the ceremony, with the exception of other gifts, including five sets of beautiful shoes, embroidered bags and embroidered bags. Bring back the man to show the filial piety of the future daughter-in-law.

  Red shoes

The bride does not necessarily wear shoes, and some places are necessary for Bridal dowry. In Shangluo, Shaanxi, before you get married, you should do a pair of work for everyone in the family. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride must give her shoes to everyone on the spot, and the shoes are tried on the spot and commented. In addition to showing girls' maiden skills, making shoes also shows that they can respect their children and love their children and get along well with their families.

Among Zhuang people, there is an interesting "screening shoes" wedding custom. When a young man marries, the woman delivers the bride to the male family, and is called "sending a family." After seeing the hall, they sang "Ten Songs" by their relatives. Later, the host set a banquet in the main hall and held a ceremony of "respecting tea" and "toasting". Later, I left my family members to leave. At this time, a man gave birth to a bamboo sieve and went to the mat to screen his shoes. The first thing to do is to give a courtesy to a loved one, and finally to bring the gift shoes to the rice sieve to show that it is light and meaningful, as a souvenir. After receiving the gift shoes, the man put the red paper packet in the rice sieve, twisted the sieve on the side, handed it to his relatives, and sang a thanking song in his mouth. Send your loved ones to accept the package.

In the wedding ceremony, the bride must wear colorful wedding shoes besides the Phoenix crown and the summer hare. Usually the upper is pink or big red. At the tip of the shoe is a double happiness pattern or a symbol of auspicious flowers such as peony.

In Southern Fujian, when brides get married, they must wear embroidered shoes. Old women wrapped their feet in small arms, and the feet of the bride must be wrapped in white cloth from the toes to the calves, and then wrapped in a half length, embroidered lace with five colored lines. Wear a pair of red embroidered shoes on the feet, embroidered turtle, deer and other patterns on the vamp.

Wedding shoes in wedding customs are made by some people and made by themselves. In the southern part of Zhejiang, it is an activity for women to get on the sedan chair. "Sedan chair shoes" are soft and soled shoes worn by red and green cloth shoes for bridal sedan chairs. In some places, relatives and girls are invited to do good fortune; in some places, on the morning of the fifth day of the wedding, the bride is wearing a phoenix crown and a python costume, sitting on a barrel of grain, stepping on the rice sieve, and sewing with an unmarried girl with red and green cloth.

Da Zha village in Huian County, Fujian. Huian women live there, wearing self-made embroidered shoes, which resembles slippers. The vamp is embroidered with red cloth. The sole is made of old cloth, which is made up of about one inch thick. Later, it is made of old cloth directly from the old sole. This kind of shoe is named because it is worn on the sedan when it gets married. It is commonly known as "riding shoes". After the happy event, such as a child, married daughter-in-law, grandson when the full moon. At last, they had been penetrated into the coffin. In this way, the folk custom of "wearing red shoes to death" is formed.

  All kinds of wedding shoes

Wedding shoes are called "Hi shoes" in Haizhou, Jiangsu. Girls get married, wear shoes, shoes and shoes are all red, with cloth, satin, toe or embroidery or embroidery. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, there were more leather shoes, and the bride also wore leather shoes and leather boots with red and black colors. The first pair of shoes worn by a man must be bought by the bride or by the bride, and the shoes are fashionable at that time.

In the Longquan area of Zhejiang, there are certain rules for the bride's groom's shoes, such as the bride's shoes. Usually the pink or orange satin is used to make the upper, and the ladies or the three generation of Veronica sole, the sole of the shoe, the embroidered shoe upper, the embroidered double Phoenix peony on the vamp, the white cloth on the bottom of the shoe, and the embroidered double happiness on the cloth. This pair of shoes is worn by the bride on the sedan chair. When you go to your husband's house, you must wear it for three days without wearing it. But when the bride's first child is in the moon, the bride will wear these shoes to meet the guests, which indicates that she is the mother of the first born. Bride's shoes: usually black cloth, for the upper, all the ladies or the three generation of mother-in-law make the shoes. The groom can pierce the shoes.

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