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You Can't Know Ten Kinds Of Workplace People.

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In life, we may have been trying very hard to do well in our own work, but it will still not work well. It may be because we meet villains in the workplace and commit villains.

Here are 10 kinds of work people you can't help but know!

1, no responsibility for villains.

No one is a person who is irresponsible and irresponsible.

This type of villain should never do anything. They will eat a snake (Tou Lan).

Whenever something happens, their first reaction is to shirk their responsibilities. They often say it is not my fault. They often blame others, they like to deny their own mistakes, and then make excuses to treat them as different.

2, three rumor villain

The three villains are those who like to listen to rumors, create rumors and spread rumors.

These people completely ignore what is the truth of the matter, so long as there is the value of dissemination, they will not remain a big horn, but can not talk about the general.

When colleagues leave, they start to spread rumors that they are being bought, personality, hypnotism, morality and so on.

They like to use rumors to poison their partners and influence people around them.

In the workplace, this kind of villain is only afraid.


No mess!

3, split villain

They have a special ability to split up small people, that is, they can speak and act differently, talk about one thing and do another, like to exaggerate, when speaking, they are invincible, and when they are doing it, they are powerless.

They can divide themselves to deal with their own expression and their own handling.

Such villains tend to pack themselves, but they do not have the strength.

It will exaggerate and attract your attention, then make promises that you can't accomplish.

4, small greedy villain

This villain loves greed and petty advantage. They will sell their team and work partners because of greed and petty advantage.

This little man tends to focus on short-term interests rather than long-term cooperation.

In the workplace, they may be those who you trust very much at first. He knows how to use your trust in him and sell you out!

5, capricious villain

We know that change is necessary.

We also know that in this world, the only constant is change. In the workplace, if you change your behavior and attitude, you are accepted, but the villain likes changing not himself but changing the rules of the game.

They often fail to see that the greater the performance of the other party, the more money they earn, they will start to change the rules of the game.

At the same time, they will not only change the rules of the game, but also work with their partners.

They can't see that employees get bonus and bonus based on the rules they set, and they will start changing the rules.

The key here is that they will often change the rules of the game on the basis of self defeating views.

This also leads to a large number of partners who work with him.

6, poor little man

It's easy to let people vote for sympathy when they are dressed up as poor people.

They look pathetic in front of us, hoping that we can sympathize with him, and then promise the other party's request, especially unreasonable demands.

Many times, because we are soft hearted, it is easy to fall into the tricks of the villain. Although we are sober sometimes, we must remember that poor people must have ruthless things.

7. Double loser.

We know, whether in the market or any one.


We all strive for win-win progress and cooperation.

We can notice that in some cases, the result is not a win win but a unilateral win and the loser on the other.

The most frightening thing is that both sides lose everything. This is the situation of losing twice. They can't just lose by themselves, but also want others to lose together.

This guy, whenever he feels that he is losing money, he immediately dragged others into the water and lost his fortune. We all lose together! We all die together!

8, a bad villain

Every message is bad news for him. They like to pour cold water on you, so that you can not only be discouraged or approved, but also discourage you.

This guy can easily be jealous of others' achievements. They will try their best to erase your achievements and try to pull your leg.

For the workplace, they are a bunch of people who have done nothing to help.

9, worry about the villain.

This villain has negative thoughts. They often deal with affairs with a worrying attitude. Their worrying attitude often makes people more worried and starts to lose confidence in the completion of affairs.

Before they started, they surrendered, worried that they could not do well, and had no action at all.

The key is that they will affect the people around them, and get the soldiers involved in the chaos.

10, two heads

Gossip, tell you a story in front of you, and tell another one in the back.

They are like two headed snakes, and their relationship with you has never been clear enough. They are very good for you, but they sell you out in front of others and say that you are not.

They like to talk to you, then they say you speak, they can even get your sympathy in front of you with a look of aggrieved face. Even if you disagree with him, he can say you said it! This little man is hard to do, because we have no idea what his heart is thinking. When are they really treating us?

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