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Learn How To Dress And Fashion.

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Fashion And Collocation

Spring is here.

Showing self charisma is an effort that women never give up in their whole life.

In fact, the real fashion designer is himself, himself.


It needs careful management.

At present, it is an era of "overall popularity", emphasizing the series of combinations from head to toe.

Therefore, how to make the overall collocation full of personality and taste and presenting the style of self need to pay some attention and design.

Six principles of self control


Color and personality

Generally speaking, the pink, pink, pink and yellow colors of the pink series are young, healthy and optimistic. The colourful colors of the colourful series are red, yellow, blue, purple and green, which are suitable for women with cheerful personality and strong colors.

Rice, brown, chestnut, coffee, ash, gray and other neutral colors, most suitable for Chinese people, arbitrarily coloring these colors of clothing, plus exquisite accessories, beautiful tailoring and comfortable natural material, can give rise to noble temperament and charm.

Delicate accessories

People who pursue beauty should pay attention to the dots in their daily life. Collecting beautiful ornaments is the secret of beauty.

The selection of accessories that meet their own ideals and needs is often used in the matching of clothing.

Accessories such as leather bags, leather shoes, belts, watches, earrings, rings, necklaces and so on do not need too much, but it is best to match their clothes properly.

Choosing suitable, loving, valuable and vulgar accessories is also the key to show your unique taste.

Expression of texture

Natural fibers have always been popular with people. Cotton, linen, wool and silk are all extracted and woven directly from plant fibers.

Cotton fibers are very long and wear very well.


It is soft. The fiber of hemp is shorter, and it will have the feeling of stabbing people, but the light and crisp texture is its advantage.

The knitted fabric made of rayon has the characteristics of good elasticity and scalability, and it fits better.

Each material has its own tailoring style, such as knitted fabric, which is used for cutting tight clothing in design.

Therefore, when buying, we should consider whether the body is suitable for this material and whether the style meets the needs of oneself, so that we can make full use of the texture to express our style.

Bring life quality into fashion style.

The design of the bedroom can also show the style of self, so you can also find the taste of your own clothes from the bedroom style.

The coordination of life values and the taste of outer dress can show self-confidence and independent self.

Be careful to dress properly.

Mood, climate, time and occasion are all important factors that affect dressing.

For example, some people like to wear bright and lively clothes when they are particularly cheerful. During the day, clothes are usually refreshing and elegant, while in the evening they can be dressed more luxuriantly.

Attending meetings, banquets, or appointments with friends requires more proper and proper overall matching, including hairstyles and make-up.

The maintenance of clothes is very important.

Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, silk and so on are very fragile. They are not suitable for wearing and washing. It is best to choose some clothes that are less sweat and dirty to wear, so that they can avoid damage to fibers.

But knitted fabrics do not have such concerns, because they are not afraid of washing, and even do not taboo to use machines to wash. Unlike natural fibers, they must be dry cleaned to ensure that materials are not damaged.

Therefore, the real fashion designer is none other than himself, no matter how colorful the designer designs, but the final choice lies in his own decision.

Therefore, it is the key point of "overall collocation" to cultivate the unique taste of clothing and the enrichment of inner culture.

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