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"Red Bean" Employees Are Happy &Nbsp; Skilled Workers Earn More Than 40 Thousand Per Year.

2011/2/16 15:51:00 126

Red Bean Staff Skilled Worker

After the holidays, I go to work.

Wuxi red bean group

The front line staff received the heavy spring festival gift package issued by the group.

Skilled worker

The annual income should exceed 40 thousand yuan.

Yesterday, the reporter was informed that this measure is a decision made by the board of directors of the red bean group in order to increase the income of the front-line workers and accelerate the pace of enterprise development.

After going to work after the Spring Festival, the red bean group held a number of meetings of ministers and general managers to discuss how to further improve the treatment of front-line employees and enhance their enthusiasm. Subsequently, the paper issued the regulations on annual income of over 40 thousand yuan for skilled workers.

The paper stipulates that the annual income of the front-line skilled workers (apprenticeships and auxiliary workers) must reach more than 40 thousand yuan, and the group headquarters will give corresponding rewards to the enterprises whose monthly average income is more than 3000 yuan for the production of front-line skilled workers, and the group will be punished accordingly if the average monthly income of the skilled workers is less than 3000 yuan.

For this "raise" rule, the front-line workers naturally applaud. They are happy to say that wages increase year by year, we must work hard to repay the enterprise.

Red bean employee Xiao Zhang excitedly said that he graduated from Xuzhou Normal University in 2009 and has been working in the red bean group for more than a year. He has gone up 4 times, and the monthly salary is nearly 3400 yuan.

At present, the rework rate of red bean workers is about 90%, and after the Lantern Festival, another peak of workers returning to the factory will be welcomed.

Due to the expansion of some projects and the commissioning of some new projects, red bean needs to recruit a number of workers this year. Due to the group's "salary increase" Regulations are very attractive, at present, red beans have recruited more than 2000 new employees.

The red bean group has always been concerned about and caring for its employees. In 2010 alone, the group even increased three wages, and the average salary of the employees increased by 49.6%. In the same period, the group profit increased by 23.8% over the same period, which greatly enhanced the happiness of the employees.

Since 1999, red beans have begun to hire new employees every year to return home for the new year.

This year, red beans organized 39 buses to send foreign workers home for the new year, involving nearly 90 counties (cities) throughout the country.

As far as the journey is too far, from the security point of view, the red bean group bought a good train ticket, and then drove them to the train station to take the train, and the fare was reimbursed.

This year, from January 21st to 24, nearly 800 odd foreign employees in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guangxi and Shaanxi have bookings.

Not only that, but after the end of the year, the red bean group will specially send cars to take these employees back to the factory, and the train crew will book a return ticket for them in advance.

In addition to raising wages, the red bean group also lets employees share the fruits of enterprise development through equity.

It is understood that the red bean group is currently controlled by 50 major shareholders, with more than 600 shareholders.

In the red bean group, as long as hard work, front-line staff can clearly see their own room for growth.

Red bean front-line staff to implement star system.

Star employees are not only subsidized, but also.

Three-star employees

It can act as a quality inspector, class leader and other management positions in the workshop, and has the chance to go to university free of charge.

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