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Short Term Continuation Of Weak Shocks, Market Cautious Wait And See

2011/2/16 16:20:00 34

Raw Material PTA

On Monday, New York crude oil futures fell 0.77 U.S. dollars in March, closing 84.81 U.S. dollars / barrel; Brent futures rose 2.14 US dollars in April, closing at 103.08 U.S. dollars / barrel.

Naphtha rose 18 US dollars to 883-884 US dollars / ton CFR Japan; heterogeneous MX rose 7 US dollars to 1054-1055 US dollars / ton FOB Korea; PX: Asia rose 17 US dollars to 1652-1653 US dollars / ton FOB Korea, equivalent to PTA cost 9780 yuan / ton.

The main price of cash in the main market is 11750-11800 yuan / ton.

Goods in stock

The price level of the cash ship plate is $1485-1490 / ton; the price of the foreign spot Korean spot cash plate is 1470 USD / ton.

The price of Zhejiang polyester market is stable, and a few factories have been reduced or preferential sales for 50-200 yuan / ton due to the increase of inventory pressure. Most factories are still in a state of low temperature, and the downstream has become more cautious about the purchasing status of polyester with signs of loosening.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester production and marketing continued to slump, most of the factories were 3-5, some of them were only about 2 percent, and some of them were 6-7 better.

However, the influence of recruitment is still in existence, and the starting rate of the main weaving bases in the whole country has picked up moderately. But the overall maintenance rate is low. At present, the starting rate of Xiao Shaoyuan loom is around 1. The opening rate of Shengze looms has gradually risen to about 3 percent, and the loom rate of Fujian looms has increased to about 2, and the loom rate in Guangdong has been restored to 2.

At the same time, there are about 2 million tons of polyester production capacity after the festival.


The cost of industry chain is not smooth.



Continue to rise, China CPI data in line with rumors, January export data positive and other factors together, Zhengzhou PTA rose, the main contract closed above 2 million.

Today, despite the decline in crude oil, PTA is expected to maintain a strong concussion due to the impact of rising raw materials. However, short term demand has not improved by the shortage of migrant workers. Investors are advised to: 1105 contract pay attention to the performance of two lines, and PTA central line is more cautious.

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