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Anti-Dumping Duties Will Not Be Examined At Sunset, But Export Of Products Should Be More Cautious.

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Anti-Dumping Duties Sunset Products Export

At present, Chinese shoes


The situation has maintained a sustained and rapid growth trend, according to the state.


According to statistics of the General Administration, the export volume of footwear products reached US $4 billion 110 million in January 2011, an increase of 39.2% over the same period last year.

Past few years

European Union

The effect of anti-dumping measures on China's shoemaking can not be ignored. According to the relevant statistics of the European Commission, the EU in 2006.


The 2 billion 460 million pairs of shoes have 1 billion 490 million pairs from China.

After anti-dumping, the number of shoes imported from China dropped by 15%, causing about a large number of workers to lose their jobs in China.

The relevant statistics show that from 2006 to 2010, China's exports were high because of the high anti-dumping duty imposed by the European Union in five years.


Sales of leather shoes fell by 20%, which led directly to 20000 unemployed.

In March 31st, when the EU terminated the high anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes on schedule, what does this mean for the local shoe companies with export business?

How should an enterprise formulate its production and operation strategy?

In this regard, "leather weekly" reporter interviewed a number of industry experts and entrepreneurs.

Wei Yafei, director of shoe making office of China Leather Association, must not be self defeating.

After the EU anti-dumping duty was suspended in March 31st, a large number of leather shoes orders would enter the Chinese market or traders' orders will be concentrated in March. This will inevitably lead to a surge in the number of leather shoes products entering the EU market in the short term, which will form a certain pressure on the local shoe making industry.

Therefore, shoemaking enterprises must control the steady growth of EU's leather shoes export, extend the export period, and avoid concentrated exports from 4 to June.

At the same time, our shoemaking enterprises must not use the market space of the "anti-dumping duty cancellation" to fight the price war, because on the one hand, it will damage their own interests and damage the healthy development of the industry; on the other hand, the EU's import monitoring efforts have not yet been relaxed, because the European Commission announced the cancellation of anti-dumping duties, and announced that it would closely monitor the export of Chinese and Vietnamese leather shoes to the European Union for a year. If the situation needs, it will still take prompt measures.

Wang Jianxin, chairman of Guangdong Leather Association, should pay attention to new movements.

The EU's high anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes can be cancelled on schedule. Undoubtedly, it is a very good thing. This will enhance the competitiveness of domestic leather shoes products in the international market and expand the share of local leather shoes in the international market.

Once the anti-dumping duty is terminated, there may be a large number of orders entering the country in the short term. This is a new development opportunity for many export oriented shoe enterprises.

However, it is important to note that although the EU does not impose high anti-dumping duties, we must prevent other parties from protecting their local footwear industry in other ways.

Wang Zhentao, chairman of AOKANG group, can win the right to speak in order to truly stand on the international economic stage.

The cancellation of anti-dumping duties provides conditions for export enterprises to further expand the EU market, but our enterprises should not be blindly optimistic and focus on the future of China's footwear industry.

Generally speaking, the abolition of anti-dumping duties is more advantageous than disadvantages. After this experience, domestic shoe enterprises should take this as a warning and regulate their own trade behavior.

In order to take the initiative in the international arena, China's footwear industry must constantly enhance product development and enhance brand value-added, open up diversified markets, optimize the structure of export products, strengthen the construction and protection of independent intellectual property rights, and win in the international market on the basis of product quality rather than quantity and price.

In the future, Chinese shoe enterprises must go out, establish research and development centers, purchase international brands, and so on, and strengthen cooperation and exchanges with international shoe enterprises. This is the real solution to foreign trade friction. Only in this way can China's footwear industry take the initiative in the international arena and win the right to speak in order to truly stand on the international economic stage.

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