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The International Brand Fashion Industry Is Developing Towards Low Carbon And Environmental Protection.

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Brand Fashion Environmental Protection

Environmental awareness has been increasing in recent years.


The industry has also been in good hands.

environmental protection

Bags, and actively move towards greening.

However, the Runway to Green project sponsors say that they are based on Gucci (Gucci), Burberry, Mccartney (Stella McCartney) and Tommy Hefei (Tommy Hilfiger).

famous brand

In terms of scale, capabilities and reputation, the afforestation of the fashion industry can also be done better and more.

The 29 top designers are

Fashion Show

The "green stretches" plan runs from 29 days to raise money for environmental education and awakening Eucalyptus.

The designers also agreed to participate in the NRDC's clean design plan, which will teach them how to integrate many aspects of the business, such as raw materials, textile processing and manufacturing, packaging, recycling and pportation, with environmental protection methods.

Linda Greer, director of NRDC, said that many designers seem to be knowledgeable about these problems, and they even know possible solutions, but they still do not know how to move from the current situation to the ideal end.

This is the bridge that afforestation stretches can play.

"I think the result of many discussions in this industry has been that it is very complicated to practice environmental protection," said Sylvana Ward-Durrett, co-founder and Vogue of the green extension project.

We want to help designers take the first step in difficulty.

We hope that as time goes on, they will become more and more environmentally friendly.

Roach, Lorenzo Roccia, and another co founder, Luisana Mendoza, said that consumers must also be trained, so they will want new products and are more likely to pay a little more than Mendoza.

No other force can make enterprises change their practices more than consumers' pressure.

"We want consumers and designers to synchronize," he said.

We hope people like the new generation of environmental protection products and buy them, because these products are excellent, fashionable and popular, of course, because they are very green. "

Greel hoped that the designers who participated in the project could start with the spirit of doubt, personal interest and hands-on.

She said: "we want to give the designer a choice sheet from where to start. We do not expect designers to finish all the options at once, trying any choice is good for us."

Making changes is neither fast nor simple, and requires more commitment, including financial support.

But Griel hopes that once the change begins, these actions will continue to grow.

"What the fashion industry has done so far is to develop a few environmentally friendly products without affecting the fashion industry's main way of making clothes," said Greel.

We hope to create a new page. "

She said that the fashion industry needed the ability to skip the framework thinking because some solutions had not yet been developed.

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