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Qinghe Six Clothing Brand Was Selected As The List Of "China'S Clothing Growth Brand".

2011/4/4 14:18:00 40

Clothing Expo Cashmere

Recently, the nineteenth China International Clothing and accessories were held in Beijing.


By the China Textile Industry Association Circulation Association and the China clothing association jointly issued the "2011 China clothing growth brand conference", 10 clothing professional markets such as Qinghe cashmere products market and so on, won the title of "China clothing brand incubation base". The 81 clothing brands including Qinghe Bei long, Jing Weiss, Wen you, Mi Xuerong, Hua Jia Na and Yi Shang six clothing brands were selected as the list of "Chinese clothing growth brand".

The selection of "China's clothing growth brand" and "China garment brand incubation base" are organized by the relevant departments of the state to promote brand service orientation and innovation awareness of the textile and garment market, deepen the implementation of brand incubation function, enhance the innovative ability and core competitiveness of the clothing brand in the professional market.

In recent years, Qinghe County has been increasing.


The promotion of product brand promotes the influence and radiation power of Qinghe cashmere products, and strongly supports the brand promotion and promotion of enterprises. As the largest wholesale market of cashmere products, the market plays an active role in the main channel of circulation, and plays a positive role in promoting the development of enterprises, promoting the brand and promoting the upgrading of cashmere industry.

It is understood that self

Cashmere system

Since the launch of the product market, more than 600 registered brands have been registered in Qinghe County's small and medium-sized cashmere enterprises, of which 18 brands have become well-known brands in the industry and have great influence in the industry.

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