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Sporting Goods Production Goes Into The Era Of "Full Sports"

2011/4/4 14:39:00 41

Marketing XTEP Anta

In April 4th, "the single product will not be able to compete in the future, and the fine positioning is becoming weaker today.

A study of sports manufacturing and marketing, CIC (China) Co., Ltd.


Director Luo Xianghua believes that sporting goods production has now entered the era of "full sports".

It is understood that, as a huge share of the domestic sporting goods market, the "Quanzhou plate" is now not limited to "specializing in technology" but rather in the direction of "extensive and sophisticated". "To do well in your profession is a prerequisite, not even professional.

Ding Shijie, executive vice president of Jordan (China) Limited, said he would not rule out the direction of "big and full" in the future.

Jordan also came from PEAK in Jinjiang.


361 degrees,


Compared with the original, they have already entered the "full sports" era ahead of time.

First, according to PEAK's last year's earnings report, this year, the company will highlight the core of professional basketball brand, promote and promote the wider development of sports field, support football, net feather, jogging and other products, step by step to "full sports" development; similarly, Anta launched early sponsorship of the Chinese table tennis team. Now, besides expanding its market share in products such as basketball, tennis and jogging, it will extend its tentacles to women's sports and further cover "full sports". 361 degrees and XTEP, one begins to take the badminton line, and one play "entertainment circle". Finally, all roads lead to the same goal. PEAK began to "Basketball" position, signed more than 10 NBA stars, its basketball shoes for many years in the domestic basketball shoes market share ranking.

In addition to the well-known sporting goods brand in Jinjiang, Lining and Kappa have also launched the "whole field" in recent years. Lining, who originally intended to create comprehensive sports products, has acquired the "two giants" of red double happiness and Kaisheng in recent years. Basically, it has achieved the "all education" coverage. As for Kappa, after buying the Japanese Phinix brand, it will enter the Chinese ski and outdoor apparel market this year, and will combine many fashionable sports brand products.

"For Shishi OEM or ODM enterprises is a good thing, we have endless list."

Mr. Lin, marketing director of a sporting goods OEM company, said that whether Anta, XTEP or Hongxing Erke is bigger, it is good for OEM companies, because their huge demand for products always requires many OEM enterprises to serve. "As for independent brand enterprises, their pressure is even greater."

Mr. Lin believes that these hand-held listed companies will expand their product categories directly to some of the sporting goods brands of Shishi. After all, the market share is limited, and the demand for consumers has basically been fixed. "This is why we dare not do our own brand".

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