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Jiaxing Market: Before The Holiday, The Price Of Cocoon Silk Rises.

2011/4/4 14:44:00 40

Market Cocoon Rise

On April 4th, today's (Saturday) rally rose, and the cocoon filament composite index rose 0.73% to 3688.15.

1104 dry cocoon and B Silk Rose 300 yuan and 1200 yuan respectively for 129900 yuan and 393600 yuan respectively; 1109 dry cocoons and B Silk Rose 1300 yuan and 5400 yuan respectively for 116400 yuan and 374700 yuan respectively; 1203 dry cocoon and B silk rose respectively, 1203 yuan and Yuan Yuan respectively for Yuan Yuan and Yuan Yuan respectively.

All day dry cocoons traded 8 hands, B silk traded 118 hands.

Today 1109B silk adds 50 positions, and the rest of the contracts are exchanged.

From the point of view of the disk, with the main contract 1109B, today, adding the warehouse to the upstream, to get rid of the middle and short term average line entanglement running on the average, showing the willingness to break through the constraints of the previous platform, whether the downstream users can recognize the current price trend, and the late spot trading is very important.

The current situation is that the volume of factory silk is not very large, but the price is also relatively tight. The price of silk fabric has not been down in March, and it is still at a high level. In April and May, we need to look at how the silk mills are preparing funds for the spring cocoon to clean up the stock.

In addition, the price of B silk is approaching the historical high point, and we should also pay attention to the influence of profit making disk.

The PMI index released yesterday was lower than the March index.


Expected, but as an inflation index, the purchase price index fell unexpectedly, greatly easing the market's concern about raising interest rates.


Worries about the central bank's possible measures to raise interest rates during the small holiday of Qingming Festival have also cooled rapidly.

However, the uncertainty of future economic development and the countries in the world


The difference of policies and the subsequent effects of various emergencies have become more and more important to the overall commodity market.

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