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Jishan Printing And Dyeing: An Innovative Technology Surpasses A Workshop.

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Printing And Dyeing Innovation Workshop

In the traditional printing and dyeing pretreatment process, cotton fabric should be divided into three steps: desizing, boiling and rinsing.

But Jishan printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. boldly innovating, will return and boil the process "two to one", the process cycle and the water saving and emission reduction are both reduced by about 30%.

Recently, the "one bath one step process" was listed as a national science and technology tackling key project by the China Textile Industry Association.

Last year, the China Textile Industry Association organized the water saving and emission reduction of cotton fabrics.

printing and dyeing

Tackling new technology issues, "Jishan printing and dyeing", relying on technology and research and development advantages, has become one of the 4 units to carry out tackling key problems, and has undertaken research and development of bio enzyme desizing and refining.

According to the introduction, cotton fabric has grey size and cotton fiber itself.


Residues such as pectin, waxes and other residues must be desizing before printing and dyeing. Traditional methods usually use composite caustic soda or hydrogen peroxide.

Using bio enzyme desizing and replacing microorganisms with microorganisms can effectively reduce the COD concentration of sewage and shorten the process cycle.

After the successful research and development of the technology, "Jishan printing and dyeing" was first applied to the thin cloth cotton fabric, and the effect was very good.

Chen Guangjie, director of the research and development center of the company, said that the same amount of fabric was dyed, the cycle shortened by 1/3, the biodegradability of the former treated sewage increased by 1 times than that of the original, and the COD concentration of the sewage dropped by 30%, which was in line with the requirements of the international textile environmental protection standard.

The results of the application of the production of 13 million meters of fabric, through water-saving, emission reduction and increase production, and so on, the energy saving profit of about 3000000 yuan.

Next, "Jishan printing and dyeing" will apply the new technology to the thick.


In the field of production, according to the current production capacity of enterprises, it is estimated that energy efficiency will be increased from 500 yuan to 6 million yuan a year, equivalent to a new workshop created by "zero land".

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