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Hongkong Haidong Invested 1 Billion Yuan To Build New Synthetic Leather Items.

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Hongkong Haidong Synthetic Leather

March 30th, Ming Kong

Economy and trade

The Symposium on exchanges and cooperation was held in Hongkong, focusing on the development priorities and investment projects of Sanming City 12th Five-Year in Fujian.

At the meeting, a project was held in Sanming City, Fujian.


The ceremony, a total of 21 projects were signed in Hong Kong, with a total investment of US $980 million, including 14 contract projects, 6 intention projects and 1 cooperative projects.

On the morning of 29, at the signing ceremony of the Hong Kong cooperation and development conference, Sanming City launched two projects and signed a contract.

The two projects are respectively


New materials and recycled polyester staple


Contract project and contract project of Mai Dan biotechnology industry park.



(Hongkong) Investment Co., Ltd. in Yongan new high tech Development Zone alone investment in new textile materials and recycled polyester staple fiber project, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, will build an annual output of 120 thousand tons of recycled bottle flake spinning polyester staple fiber and 12 needle synthetic leather substrate production line.

The other is the Mai Dan Biotechnology Industrial Park project jointly invested by Fujian Mai Dan biological Group Co., Ltd. and Qili Capital Management Co., Ltd., with a total investment of US $100 million. We will build an annual output of 10 thousand tons L phenylalanine production line, an annual output of 1000 tons of erythromycin production line, an annual output of 200 thousand tons of sulfuric acid production line and 6000 tons of small amino acid production line.

Sun Chunlan, Secretary of the Fujian provincial Party committee, said at the conference that Fujian actually utilized HK $50 billion 100 million in total, accounting for half of the actual utilization of foreign capital in the province. Last year, the volume of imports and exports of Fujian port reached US $4 billion 720 million, a record high; 396 enterprises invested in Fujian and 1 billion 231 million US dollars in investment; 70 Fujian enterprises were listed in Hongkong, financing over HK $40 billion, ranking among the provinces and cities in the mainland.

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