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Crocodile Brand Sportswear 2011, Autumn And Winter Ordering Will Be Held Soon.

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Crocodile Shirt Brand Sportswear Autumn Winter Order Meeting

Hongkong crocodile shirt: in October 21, 1910, the crocodile trademark was registered and used by a German company in Hongkong. After that, the trademark was changed again, and finally it was bought by Mr. Chen Jun, a merchant in Hongkong, and crocodile Co. Ltd. was established in 1952. Shenzhen Quban Sports Goods Co., Ltd. crocodile brand sportswear 2011 Autumn and winter ordering meeting It was held in April 20th.

Crocodile shirt brand sportswear 2011 New Series

In 1987, Mr. Lim Por-yen spent 1 billion 300 million yuan to buy the crocodile shirt Co., Ltd. in 1971. The crocodile Co., Ltd. was listed in Hongkong in 1971 and entered the Chinese market in 1993. The crocodile sports leisure brand has a long history. The crocodile CROCODILE has been deeply loved by the consumers since entering the Chinese mainland market. At present, it has built up a huge marketing network in the whole country, more than 1500 franchised stores and shopping malls, all over the more than 200 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xi'an and Kunming.

   Crocodile Brand sportswear 2011 New Product Series

Now, crocodile CROCODILE has regional brand development as a well-known brand, and extends its brand to leather goods, leather shoes, men's wear, sportswear and other industries in a timely manner. It has developed from famous brand to high-end fashion brand to promote brand agency system. In 1999, the Guangzhou crocodile King's career priority was recognized as the general agent of China's footwear products, and the integration of brand culture and social culture. The crocodile CROCODILE was integrated into the regional culture and highlighted the uniqueness of CROCODILEwenhua. In 2004, the brand of crocodile sports and leisure was upgraded and the fashion sense was launched. Golden crocodile trademark And combined with France's La cross shirt Limited by Share Ltd with the brand strategy alliance.

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