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Workplace Weaknesses You Must Overcome

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Personality Talent In The Workplace

In the workplace, a lot of talent is full of experience, learning experience is complete, and everyone is admired. position With the title, but because of certain personality traits, let him in the gateway to success, no way to break through the bottleneck, to a higher level.

Those who are obviously well looked, but are not good enough to be fired, or will soon be promoted to the highest class, but have the barriers of personality traits, or companies that perform well but still have potential to play. staff 。

Why do talented people fail? Why do talented people fail to perform better than expected?

You know, it is urgent and pressure to assist these business executives, because the outcome of counseling is related to whether the case can improve their shortcomings, keep their jobs, or push them up to a higher level. More importantly, the outcome of counseling is also related to the success or failure of a large enterprise. Therefore, these experiences are valuable.

What kind of behavior will become a fatal defect, seriously hindering? Cause Career?

  1, always feel that they are not good enough.


This kind of person suffers from the fear of career. He is smart and experienced, but once he is promoted, he has no confidence and feels incompetent. Besides, he has no ambition to climb up, and he thinks his position is too high. Maybe one or two grades may be more suitable.

This self destructive and self limiting behavior is sometimes unconscious. However, as the middle and high level enterprises, such unconscious behavior will cost the enterprise a lot.

They did not give themselves a right score. These people had negative views on themselves. They always felt that their success was due to luck. Therefore, the supervisor must help these people to turn their self image into a positive one.

2, look at the world without black or white.

In their eyes, the world is either black or white. They believe that everything should be evaluated objectively and objectively, as with standard answers. They always feel that they are defending their beliefs and adhering to principles, but these principles may be completely ignored by others. As a result, such people always fight alone and often fail.

The tolerance of enterprises to such people is decreasing because it is difficult for anyone to get along with him. The areas that may tolerate this behavior are art or R & D departments; the more away from market demand, the better they are.

Only by adjusting constantly can we live well.

3, do too much, too strict requirements.

They demand that they are heroes and that they are strictly required to reach their standards. At work, they ask themselves to be more, faster and better with their subordinates, seven days a week, 24 hours a week. As a result, his subordinates were exhausted and jumped to the boat to survive. The people left behind were more tired and the turnover rate increased steadily, resulting in the burden of enterprises.

This kind of person has been instilled in your childhood with the idea that you can do better. So they work constantly and feel empty when they stop.

Young people especially have this kind of behavior, and it's hard to get rid of it. Such a person is suitable for independent work; if he is in charge, he must hire a specialist, and when he asks too much for his subordinates, he should be bold enough to remind him.

  4, peace first.

Such a person avoids conflict at all costs.

In fact, different opinions and conflicts can stimulate vitality and creativity. A supervisor who should have argued for his subordinates might be looked down upon by his subordinates or other departments in order to avoid conflict. In order to maintain peace, they suppressed their feelings. As a result, they lacked the ability to face conflicts and resolve conflicts. Finally, the ineffectiveness of conflict resolution spread to marriage, parent-child, brotherhood and friendship.

In a lion group, if you are a zebra, at least pretend to be a lion, so you won't be eaten. Such a person's character is not easy to change, but it can definitely be adjusted according to circumstances.

5, tyranny opposes opponents.

Men are more likely to have this character. The former British Prime Minister, Mrs. Chel, is an exception. Their words and deeds are tough and merciless, like a bulldozer. All those who block the road will be shovelled, because they are aggressive, aggressive, and do not know how to bypass, as a result, interfere with their career.

For such a preemptive person, we must train them to be empathic and learn how you like others to treat you, and how you should deal with the essence of people.

  6, born treason.

In American society and business, revolutionaries' natural rebellious character is very important. They struggle for certain ideals. However, in a stable society or enterprise, these people seem to stand alone. These people always express their positions very quickly and feel that compromise is humiliation. If nobody pays attention to him, they will become more and more serious until someone pays attention to it.

Usually, people think they like to draw attention to others. For such people, they should appoint a partner to stop effectively when he starts rebellious.

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