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The Brand Women's Dress "Yi Mei" Will Be Held In The 2011 Autumn May 18Th.

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Brand Women's Wear

   Wan Mei fashion Fashion Design Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is located in the beautiful South China Sea - Shenzhen, is a design, production and sales of professional women's clothing company, the company employees in the design, production, planning, marketing, management and other aspects have many years of practical experience; time flies, after more than 10 years of hard work, Wan Mei from obscurity small. Garment processing plant It has transformed into a modern garment enterprise with first-class equipment, large workshop, international advanced management mode and high-quality talents. Its brand "Yi Mei" in May 18th Autumn order meeting Coming soon!

   Brand women's clothing "Yi Mei" spring summer dress series

In 1994, the company launched the "Yi Mei" brand. In the simple and casual style of leisure, it flowed fine embroidery, printing and other Oriental totem. In the fashion trend of wind surging, a refreshing post-modern storm was set off. The beautiful and cherished wish of returning to nature and returning to nature was reflected in the aesthetical and elegant design strokes, emphasizing the brand quality of "precious, refined, inexpensive and multi" brand.

The persistent pursuit of more than 10 years, like an empty orchid, always gives a unique charm. It carries on the scenery of spring and summer and autumn and winter with perseverance and wisdom. With the unique insight and sharp market insight, it endows the brand with the principle of survival because of needs and changes from time to time. Every season, the sales executives and customers are invited to show their products, and together with a broad sense of objectivity and pragmatism, they are improving the road of brand promotion.

At present, the company has opened stores in its own, franchised and acting way, and has entered nearly 300 marketing outlets, including Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Hunan, Hunan, post, and so on, forming a stable market and consumer groups.

Brand women's clothing "Yi Mei" spring and summer dress series

Shenzhen Wanmei Fashion Design Co., Ltd. is forging famous Chinese brands, respecting knowledge and respecting talented people, nurture brands by culture, and take the responsibility of city women as its responsibility. It adheres to the firm belief of firm, pioneering, loving and everlasting climax, brings the magnificent Oriental elements and the profound brand connotation to the International T stage, and realizes the self value and enterprise goals with the spirit of perseverance and beauty.

Yi Mei, a brand that contains an infinite Chinese cultural complex, is the self sublime brand of an enterprise founder, Ms. Wan Mei. From the day of her birth, she is doomed to be unable to give up with Chinese culture. Here is the pursuit of a woman's life. Perseverance. Conviction. Meme embodies youth, beautiful, modern Chinese clothing with profound cultural elements and Chinese elements. She is not a combination of classical elements and symbols. She is the cultural crystallization of the integration of our 56 nations. The development and integration of the 56 nations make the Chinese culture diversity. The combination of the 56 national costumes and the costumes makes the modern Chinese have infinite source of creation. The 56 nations have the unique characteristics of the 56 nationalities and have the aesthetic taste of 56 nationalities. Therefore, they also have rich visual visions, tranquility, comfort, and interesting visual feelings.

The combination of calm and moderation and modern aesthetic taste generalizes and departs some elements.


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