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Retro Wind Swept Through &Nbsp; Antique Furniture Was Sought After.

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Fashion Antique Furniture Market

What kind of furniture is most popular among young people nowadays? The answer is nothing but antique furniture.

   " Restoring ancient ways The wind is blowing after the antique furniture.

Buying a set of Chinese antique furniture at home has become a trend nowadays. It has both face and collection value. In the past few years, many people in Chengdu bought furniture with a strong flavor, and the market was full of foreign furniture. But in recent years, the market has changed quietly, whether it is decoration or furniture, antique Chinese style decoration, highly flavor antique furniture, more and more popular, many of which are 70 and 80.

The antique style is popular. Young people become new forces.

Decoration and furniture market The revival of ancient times has sprang up. "Now many young people come to the store asking if they can make antique doors and windows and antique furniture." The sales manager of Chi Lin wood home Museum has been very busy recently, because there are many people who come to consult and Book antique doors and windows and antique furniture everyday. Cirilo deliberately increased the proportion of antique doors and windows, antique furniture style, such as wooden lattice, hanging parts, screens and so on. According to the introduction, antique furniture can not only enhance the grade of home decoration, but also add Chinese traditional culture characteristics. Its unique artistic value, historical value and economic value are more and more sought after by people. In the Fu River building materials market, there are three sets of imitation and Ming Qing circle chairs priced at 4000 yuan. The price of acid wood is about 20 thousand yuan, while the ordinary round chairs made of solid wood are only two thousand or three thousand yuan, and 1000 yuan or more for bookshelves and bookcases.

Chi Li long pushed the "Chinese luxury"

According to the marketing manager of Chi Li lung, Five one During the period, they will push Chinese luxury activities together, and a series of super high cost performance promotion activities will give consumers a pleasant surprise. To this end, the factory began preparations several months in advance. According to the owner of the factory, the main wood of antique doors and windows is old Chinese fir and elm. The wood of archaize mahogany furniture mainly includes dozens of red sandals, teak, Cinnamomum camphora, pineapple, rosewood, acid wood, chicken wings, ebony and so on. The price of Chinese mahogany furniture varies greatly from three thousand yuan to 6.7 million yuan, and the price of a set of mahogany carved living room sofa ranges from ten thousand yuan to about one million yuan. If you are entangled in how to choose a set of comfortable and antique furniture, then you can go to the shop of the ten house, the 38 Hall of the Fu River building materials market.

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