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Interpretation Of Coca-Cola Micro-Blog'S "Desire" Marketing

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Micro-Blog Marketing Coca-Cola


Sina micro-blog

Fans are just marking their new year's new year's blessings

Coca Cola

A new "wish bottle" can be generated by entering a blessing sentence in the "new vase".

This bottle with the meaning of expectation, with the blessing of health, happiness, happiness, peace and simplicity, carries the wishes of the fans to bless each other in the new year, and the blessing of Coca-Cola to the world.

This is the eve of the Spring Festival in 2011, the "new hope bottle" made by Coca Cola Co.

Micro-blog marketing

Referring to the idea of "new vase", Fan Wenyi, general manager of Shanghai, told reporters: "the original process of creation is very simple. Micro-blog itself represents youth and fashion. The shape of Coca-Cola bottle represents a certain positive upward significance. With the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival and the integration of three positive images, the creation of creativity is thus produced.

We believe that the influence of micro-blog's fission spread will enable consumers to learn more about Coca-Cola's culture. "

Sina micro-blog boosts "new hope bottle"

"Coca-Cola, through the analysis of the three party data of AI, mobile marketing data and network data, found that many consumers were on Sina micro-blog.

Because Sina micro-blog is closely integrated with mobile phones, more and more consumers use mobile phones to send and receive micro-blog information anytime and anywhere.

Coca-Cola through Sina micro-blog can contact with consumers at high frequency and pmit Coca-Cola's brand spirit.

Speaking of choosing Sina micro-blog as the main front of the campaign, Fan Wenyi said that Coca-Cola and Sina micro-blog co sponsored the "new year of hope to China" campaign, which is based on the deep convergence between Coca-Cola brand and its audience.

The Coca-Cola micro-blog marketing activity integrates Coca-Cola's personality bottle, new year's wishes and micro-blog's three elements. It connects the abstract brand, the simple participation way, the consumption psychology and the personal experience.

Sina micro-blog has worked with several celebrity bloggers for the first time, improving the participation of fans in different fields.

Through the homepage of celebrity blog, Sina opens the Widget platform, so that celebrity bloggers are directly involved in Coca-Cola's "new vase" activities.

In this event, the promotion effect of celebrities such as Huang Jianxiang, Siu Ming Tsui and Sang Lan far exceeded Fan Wenyi's expectations.

Micro-blog is a medium of socialization. Inviting celebrities to participate in communication can achieve unique results.

Fan Wenyi said: "selecting celebrities who have an influence on the target audience of Coca-Cola can enrich the content of the event efficiently and increase the brand exposure.

At the beginning, we made some plans. In the later period, celebrities spontaneously initiated interaction, which led fans to participate in personalized "new vase" activities and express their vision.

During the implementation of the project, many V certified users also participated in the topic discussion.

The active participation of the opinion leaders shows that the design and topic of the event have taken into account the needs of "coke control": brand culture.

The participation of opinion leaders in topic exchange is the main focus that attracts fans.

Celebrity participation at the beginning of the campaign played a great role in promoting the project.

In the process, we choose different celebrities and consider different audiences, namely, different celebrities interact with different types of fans. For example, college students and middle school students are easy to resonate with young celebrities.

"It's hard to track the promotion of every fan at the moment. If the technology can be achieved, advertisers will have a clearer and more precise control over the overall activity."

Fan Wenyi sighed.

In addition to the celebrity effect drive, Coca-Cola also launched a publicity campaign through prizes to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of fans.

During the event, micro-blog has a planned theme and a promotional activity with a prize to attract fans' enthusiasm for "interest".

Coca-Cola personalized "new vase" with raffle and other activities, Sina micro-blog once triggered the vigorous development of fans interaction.

Fan Wenyi believes that another big reason for the success of Coca-Cola's "new vase" activities is that the lowering of the participation threshold means that fans' participation in the cost reduction can attract more fans to try to participate.

The way to take part in this activity is quite simple. It only needs to input one's wishes, and only one sentence can form a personalized Coca-Cola's "wish bottle".

Because I gave up my tedious collection and uploading activities.


Many fans actually participate in many activities and motivations, but because most of the activities have set up tedious links, let fans fear, and ultimately reduce the participation of fans.

While micro-blog is generally regarded as a humane communication tool, micro-blog marketing activities should be as simple and feasible as possible under the premise of ensuring the promotion effect.

The spread of Coca-Cola has opened the way for micro-blog keyword processing, attracting many netizens through celebrity effects and simple participation.

Fan Wenyi thinks that it is wise to let Sina micro-blog become Coca-Cola's promotion partner.

The way of micro-blog marketing

Coca-Cola expects that the number of sina micro-blog activities will be around 3 million, and the final data will be 6 million 800 thousand participants. The number of participation in micro-blog activities will be about 800000, setting a new record for Sina's activities in East China.

Fan Wenyi admitted that the implementation of the campaign was very effective and gratifying.

In the era of media since the information explosion, micro-blog has become an indispensable platform for communication.

Micro-blog has the characteristics of "close distance, zero time difference and equal dialogue". It has changed people's lifestyle and habits of communication, and has also changed the way of publicity and marketing, and changed the way of social communication. Human society has entered the era of micro propagation.

Regarding micro-blog's marketing value to Coca-Cola and fast moving consumer goods companies, Fan Wenyi believes that micro-blog is a very good marketing platform, and its greatest significance for fast moving consumer goods is direct contact with consumers.

Micro-blog is also a medium of socialization, and consumers have a high degree of trust in micro-blog. Enterprises can expose the brand to high frequency and depth through micro-blog marketing.

As for the fast moving consumer goods industry, advertisers are very willing to accept this low cost and high profit marketing mode.

Traditional media still have the advantage of communication and occupy a large share in the dissemination. However, the huge advertising promotion cost has discouraged many enterprises.

The emergence of micro-blog marketing has given the enterprise a low-cost and accurate way to spread.

"Low cost online activities with some offline activities can give full play to micro-blog's marketing effectiveness.

According to the content of the activity, let the audience participate in more forms. Offline activities can be inserted at any time. We hope to win the all round victory. "

Fan Wenyi said.

"Micro-blog mobile activities at the same time, also achieved very good results, far beyond our expectations.

Because of the limitation of mobile phone activities, there are about 300000 messages and WAP websites, so we hope that mobile phones can combine with micro-blog more.

But limited to technical level, it is impossible to track whether the audience participating in the event is sending text messages.

Whether micro-blog or communication channels, advertisers want to know the exposure of participants, and this part of the content does not have to pay.

For micro-blog marketing, in addition to the effect monitoring, Fan Wen Yi also hopes micro-blog can integrate the topic.

"We hope that in the future word of mouth marketing activities, we will try to find the most common combination of brands and users, such as life, leisure and entertainment. These are the topics of high concern for micro-blog's high-end crowd, especially coke control. At the same time, we also add some offline interactive activities.

Of course, the topic will be planned according to the nature of micro-blog, and different projects will be integrated according to different topics.

Fan Wenyi is well aware of the value of micro-blog's marketing. He believes that brand marketing must be persistent and adhere to long-term investment. This is not just an activity, but also an activity for micro-blog.

Micro-blog is a slow and hot media interactive platform. Coca-Cola, in addition to its advertising activities, continues to interact with fans 365 days a year, giving consumers a deeper understanding of Coca-Cola's brand spirit and helping brands grow in a longer period.

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