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Special Fabric Will Change Color Jacket.

2011/4/25 17:06:00 65

Fabric Jacket Trend

Reflective materials come and go, but they never disappear. Remember that American Apparel is special. Fabric When did you bring it back to the public eye? Do you remember that AZFN also used this material? Come in, along with Ijima Atsu's reaction. Jacket The tide is coming back again!

This latest Ijima Atsu reaction jacket is made of cotton and nylon, and the thermal liquid crystal material is added. It changes the color of the clothes with the change of temperature.

When the temperature reaches 27 degrees Celsius, thermosensitive liquid crystal Material Science The outer layer molecules of the microcapsules will begin to move, thus changing the color of the light. Usually, the color of clothing gradually changes from dark color to light color. When the temperature goes back to a normal range, the color of the clothes will return to its original color. How is it? Is it amazing?

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