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CELINE2011 Spring Summer New Glasses Series Triggering Retro Trend

2011/4/25 17:05:00 76

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In the spring and summer of 2011, following the Original sunglasses that led to the retro trend, C e line launched a number of newly designed sunglasses. The refined styling has once again introduced the new era minimalism of C line.

Inspired by the elegant and charming female model, Audrey, Hepburn, "the world angel".

The round resin frame is full of feminine taste, and the ends are slightly upturned, reflecting the independence and independence of contemporary women.

The continuation of the silver eyeglasses decorated with C's line sunglasses is located on the sides of the mirror frames and the mirror legs. The golden C LINE logo is still hidden inside the mirror's feet.

This series is available in a variety of frame colors, such as flesh color, cyan, khaki, grayish brown, cigar and black.



Inspired by the 60s, it combines the feelings of retro and the modern posture.

A light and lightweight shape, an elliptical resin frame, and an iconic silver metal plate decorated at the junction of the front edge of the picture frame and the mirror foot.

Unlike the other series, the golden C LINE logo is located on the outside of the mirror leg, symbolizing the courage and determination of the modern women.

The series has two sizes of small size and large size, and a brighter summer color selection, from red, yellow to green, cigar color and so on.

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