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The Ministry Of Commerce Investigates Cabbage's Unsalable &Nbsp; Vegetables And Agricultural Tractors Run Vegetables As Fertilizer.

2011/4/25 17:05:00 32

Unmarketable Vegetable Farmers

Expensive dishes hurt the people and vegetables hurt the farmers.

Since April, Shanghai has Cabbage Some vegetables represented purchasing price The rapid decline caused vegetables to be unsalable, and thousands of acres of vegetables were rotted in the field because no one had harvested them. Beijing, Shandong, Henan and other provinces and cities also had similar situations.

"These cabbages are for pigs." Yesterday morning, Ye Adi, a 43 year old Tat in Jinshan Tinglin Town, was loading cabbage on the trailer. The unattended dishes in the cabbage field behind her have begun to yellowed.

Yesterday (April 24th), the Ministry of Commerce went to Jinshan District to investigate the problem of poor sales of cabbage. Shanghai government departments have adopted ways to reduce circulation fees and reduce short-term losses of vegetable farmers. However, Shanghai Agricultural Commission expert analysis of vegetables said that the current round of vegetable sales are still affected by the supply and demand relationship. "Last year, the price of vegetables was too high and planted too much." in the long run, only the establishment of a market warning mechanism can be cracked. circulation The problem of asymmetric information.

Field: Tractor milling vegetables as fertilizer.

Yesterday, the reporter came to the Jinshan ting Lin's Jinshan District oil tanker fruit and vegetable planting professional cooperative planting base. Hundreds of acres of cabbage on the roadside began to roll leaves and yellowing because of no one picking.

Ye Adi has just finished picking cabbage. After the yellow croaker, dozens of cabbages were neatly together, waiting to be towed away. "These are all taken back to pigs, and the cooperatives have so many cabbage this year that no one will accept them. They will also allow the farmers in our vicinity to pick up some loose vegetables, and do not have money to pick them up to feed pigs, ducks or whatever." Chiang Lao Bo, who was travelling together, said that the cabbage picked up for three days would be enough for three months of chicken excipients.

People have even used tractors to crush surplus cabbage. Yesterday afternoon, in the cabbages on the other side of the road, an engineering forklift was digging deep into the field near the roadside. In a plough of soil, a whole cabbage is clearly visible.

The staff said that it was prepared to make pickles directly in the field, while cabbage in the soil was used as base fertilizer. "The first two days we drove the tractor into the vegetable field and crushed 100 acres of cabbage. In the past two days, I thought that we could dig holes and pickles in the fields with our ancestors. Wei Yongbin, co-operative leader, said that a hole can be marinated 100 tons of cabbage. He intends to marinate 1000 tons of cabbage. "It is entirely traditional way to add salt to dehydrate, we process semi-finished products, and we expect to reduce losses in a few months."

Last autumn, cooperatives planted nearly 2000 acres of cabbage. Cabbage has been showing signs of unsalable before and after the Spring Festival this year. By the end of April, vegetables were totally unwanted in the busy season.

Yesterday, the price of the field head of cooperative cabbage was already 5 cents a Jin, and no one came to collect it. "The cost of picking labor costs 4 cents a Jin, and it costs more to harvest vegetables. Now I can only grind it up, and the pickled pickle will not be able to grow later. Wei Yongbin said.

Market: unmarketable, more than cabbage

Cao An vegetable wholesale market is the largest vegetable distribution center in the suburbs of Shanghai. Jiangqiao vegetable wholesale market information shows that Chinese cabbage, cabbage, celery, scallion and other varieties in the market also have varying degrees of unsalable.

Yesterday morning, the retail price of cabbage in the market was only 0.15 yuan / Jin, the highest grade price did not exceed 0.3 yuan / Jin, less than half of 0.65 yuan / Jin in the second half of last year. "Don't think that we seem to have made a lot of money. If we get the old ones, we can save the cost of spanportation and labor costs." Dealer Huang said.

Besides cabbage, the cauliflower produced in Chongming Island is only 0.5 yuan / Jin. "Cauliflower is also unsalable, but not so serious." Mr. Chen, a Chongming resident, talked about this year's dish. He said "too cheap". He said that at this time last year, the wholesale price of cauliflower was about 1 yuan / Jin.

Wei Yongbin's analysis of the reasons why vegetables are unsalable is that the first is the blind expansion of planting area; the two is the north and south climate reasons. This year, the temperature in the south is low. The cabbage which was originally listed in March was dragged to April and overlapped with the original cabbage in April.

Wang Yongfang, chairman of Jiangqiao vegetable wholesale market, believes that there is another important factor: crop cultivation has always been blinded. Last year, the wholesale price of cabbage is 0.65 yuan / Jin, cauliflower 1 yuan / Jin, the price is pretty good. Many farmers saw the benefits, so they increased their planting area, which led to the oversupply of cabbage and cauliflower this year.


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