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The Production Of Children'S Shoes Needs To Pass The Conscience &Nbsp; Enhance The Brand Safety Consciousness.

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Children'S Conscience Safety Consciousness

From People's Republic of China countries

QC supervision

General Administration of inspection and quarantine and China


The standards of "children's rubber shoes" issued jointly by the management committee will come into effect in July 1, 2011, which will be China.

Children's shoes industry

The first national mandatory standard.

Although "expensive" is the first national compulsory standard for children's shoes industry, however, the industry believes that its impact on children's shoes in Quanzhou is not large. The reason is that children's cloth shoes are not very high in the total output of children's shoes in Quanzhou.

In comparison, the industry is looking forward to the national standard of children's sports shoes.

Butterfly Effect

Prior to being invited to participate in the National Conference on shoe-making standards, gang Deng Shoes Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Observer" status.

Cai Wenchang, assistant general manager of shoe industry, said that the impact on Quanzhou children's shoes is not great.

Cai Wenchang thinks, at present, although the majority of children's shoes enterprises have to produce part of children's cloth shoes, Quanzhou children's shoes are mainly produced by sports shoes and tourist shoes.

Comparatively speaking, for the long-awaited national standard of children's sports shoes, Cai Wenchang believes that it may be more suitable for children's shoes industry in Quanzhou.

Although it has little impact on Quanzhou enterprises, Cai Wenchang believes that the introduction of mandatory standards will have a significant impact on the children's shoes industry.

"On the one hand, we can promote the technological innovation of children's shoes industry in the products, on the other hand, we can improve the safety of children's shoes and give children a good pair of healthy shoes."

Chen Zhongshi, chairman of the European Union Group Limited, which was also invited to participate in the National Conference on shoe-making standards, looked at the entry into force of the mandatory standards from another perspective.

"The participation of brand children's shoes enterprises will promote the rationalization of China's shoe making standards, which not only promotes the pace of standardization of children's shoes in China, but also has great significance for the development of children's shoes industry in China."

Source of confidence

For the upcoming national standard, many children's shoes enterprises in Quanzhou say they are not yet aware of them, but they are confident of their own products.

And its confidence comes from the excellent product quality of enterprises.

Chen Zhongshi told reporters that Tutu has been adhering to the strategy of "differentiated research and development" and has been working with the nano Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for a long time.

"At present, the Tutu brand already has two leading technologies: nano antibacterial and odor control technology and healthy foot fit technology."

Chen Zhongshi told reporters that the first antibacterial technology used in nano antibacterial materials won the first gold medal of China's first antibacterial products and Technology Expo, which can achieve four major health effects: active antibacterial, effective odor control, health and environmental protection, long term safety and so on. The second technologies adopted stitching wrapping technology for different growth stages of children to make shoes more suitable for children's feet, so as to help children grow healthily.

The application of the two leading technologies has given Tutu the core competitiveness of the vertical and horizontal market.

Lin Zhitong, general manager of Jinjiang coolle Shoes Co., Ltd., revealed to reporters that the cool music program is looking for relevant research institutes or universities to carry out industry university research cooperation to better improve product quality.

This is also the reason why it is not afraid of mandatory standards.

"Improving the safety of products is the key."

This view has also been recognized by Cai Wenchang.

Cai Wenchang said that to make children's products is to be conscientious. No matter when the national standards are issued, what enterprises are required to make, the enterprises must enhance their safety awareness and improve the safety performance of their products.

In addition, the most easily detected unqualified place may lie in identification. He reminds colleagues that the whole production process should be more standardized and more rigorous in this aspect.

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