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Domestic Sports Brand Order Quarterly Price Increase

2011/7/15 8:56:00 31

Domestic Sports Brand Order Quarterly Price Increase


At present, it is precisely

Clothing ordering



Li Ning Co

Announcement said the fourth quarter

Footwear products

Prices will rise by 7.8% and clothing prices will rise by 17.9%.

Plus the previous ones.

Anta, XTEP, PEAK and 31st degree

According to the announcement, the 5 famous sports brands in China once again raised their prices.

The Dalian sporting goods store has increased its average price by 5% in autumn and winter and next spring.


according to

Li Ning Co

It is said that the cost of raw materials, human resources and commercial rentals will promote the promotion of domestic sports brands. Among them, the rent increase of the commercial real estate will be greater than that of the labor cost.

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