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Why Are Domestic Products Keen To Take "Foreign Names"?

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Domestic Brands

Enterprises prefer to start from the world because they have no trust in certain products, and enterprises themselves feel that foreign products are better than their own products.

The position of the independent brand in the international arena is extremely incommensurate with the status of China's "second largest" in the world, and it is urgent to create more national brands with international influence.

Recently, Da Vinci's home suspected of producing fake products caused people's concern about foreign brands.

Prior to the "foreign milk powder" Shi en, Ausnutria, clothing brand, such as card Dan ton were also exposed, found that they are domestic production.

So many brands of confusion make people ponder, why do domestic enterprises like to give themselves "foreign names"?

There are numerous names for foreign names, some of which are confusing.

In recent years, the phenomenon of local enterprises' name or foreign brand is very popular in the consumer goods field, and many trademark brands are "full of foreign flavor".

I visited some shopping malls in Chaoyang District, Beijing and a shopping mall near Da Wang Road, and found that many brands of food, clothing and other consumer goods were domestic brands, but they had a "foreign name", such as Metersbonwe, Semir and other brands.

In the shopping mall, the author sees "Hongxing Erke" as a domestic sport.

Sports brand

In fact, this is produced by a Quanzhou enterprise in Fujian.

However, when asked if consumers knew "Hongxing Erke" was a domestic brand, Xue Ma, a shop assistant, said, "I always thought it was an American brand."

The author found that a brand named "cookie cool" leather bag tag, the manufacturer of the bag is Italy Lai Dun Bao International (Hongkong) Limited, and its origin is in Guangzhou.

In addition, it is understood that the brand can not find any brand information on the Internet, and there is no official website. The products are sold only on Taobao and other online stores.

Sportswear in a Italy men's wear brand

Exclusive shop

All garment manufacturers are Al Pina's partner in China, "Fujian Jinjiang shark Shoes Co., Ltd.".

The clerk said that all the fabrics were imported from Italy.

The names of some domestic brands are very confusing.

Miss Han, who lives near Xidan, said she often went to Metersbonwe and Semir shops to buy clothes. She always thought it was an American brand before she knew it was "foreign name" taken by domestic enterprises.

In the course of the interview, some consumers said that they did not pay much attention to whether the product purchased was "fake foreign brand", so long as the product quality passed, others did not matter.

The popularity of foreign names stems from consumers' distrust of certain domestic products.

Huang Shengmin, Dean of advertising School of Communication University of China, believes that the popularity of foreign names has been prevailing since the 90s of last century.

The reason why local enterprises love foreign names is mainly related to their consumption habits and concepts.

"The same products have different names and different prices, which has prompted many enterprises to enhance their brand awareness and corporate profits through foreign names."

Huang Shengmin said.

Li Guangdou, a brand research expert, believes that the phenomenon of oceanic names for Chinese products can be broadly classified into two categories.

Some of them are already well-known brands, which can speed up the internationalization process by using foreign names, such as Haier and Lenovo.

Haier and Lenovo were originally local brands, but they urgently needed internationalization.

In the process, they used names like Haier and Lenovo, which are internationally recognized.

Now when they are publicizing in China, they also use more foreign names to enhance the promotion effect through such a unified brand name.

"It is undeniable that English is the dominant language in the world, and there is a trend of Chinese phonetic alphabet. Therefore, it is reasonable and necessary to adopt the combination of Logo in Chinese and English.

Li Guangdou said.

The other part looks very similar to foreign names when it comes to Chinese names.

Name and wear


"There is no need for the public to exclude psychologically. It should be accepted in an open mind.

However, some brands are systematically fraudulent, such as the problem of origin fraud and product quality fraud, which is a big problem.

For this part of the brand and products, the government should strengthen supervision and resolutely put an end to it.

The reason why Chinese enterprises love foreign names is, fundamentally speaking, their distrust of products in some industries, or some products that feel good abroad.

Japan's national mentality is just the opposite of ours. They trust the local brand very much.

In Japan, many imported products should be labeled with Japanese brands. "Even imported rice should go through their own farms or processing plants, and then paste local brands."

Li Guangdou said.


"We still have some confidence in some industries, such as tea, and the tea produced by domestic enterprises is unlikely to have a foreign name."

Li Guangdou said.

"The world's second largest" calls for more confident and atmosphere independent brands.

Just like parents' names for children, the brand names of enterprises also hold the good wishes of the enterprises and retain the brand of the times.

For example, "Chang Yu", "Bao Daxiang" and "Goubuli" and other old brand are full of aesthetic and business philosophy of business operators in that era.

Domestic enterprises are keen on acquiring foreign names. They are the products of great changes in the operating environment and mass consumption psychology after the opening of the national gates. "Please come in" and "bring them over" become the common aspiration of many domestic enterprises to actively participate in market competition.

Taking foreign names becomes a label for them to catch up with the trend of the world.

But after more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economic strength has been growing rapidly, becoming the "world factory" and "world market" rapidly.

In the wave of economic globalization, the difference between "soil" and "ocean" gradually blurred. The strength of enterprises to participate in international competition has been greatly improved, and even some multinational enterprises have been localization, in Rome as the Romans do, to take Chinese names and strengthen Chinese flavor.

At present, China's GDP has been the second largest in the world, and its discourse power in the world economy has been increasing. However, the status of our own brand in the international arena is extremely incongruous with China's position in the world economy. China urgently needs to create more national brands with international influence.

Fan Zhiyong, associate professor of economics at Renmin University of China, said.

The role of relying on foreign names is very small for enhancing the brand of our country.

"In upgrading our own brand, what we lack is not the manufacturing capacity and product quality, but the lack of integrity is fundamentally."

Fan Zhiyong said, "because the brand is essentially a commitment to consumers."

In addition, the mentality of consumers blindly worshipping foreign affairs must be guided and changed.

"The mentality of consumers and corporate behavior are actually closely linked, not all enterprises."

Huang Shengmin said, "domestic consumers must understand that the manufacturing capacity of our consumer goods is quite comparable to that of foreign countries, because even real foreign brands are processed in China."

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