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Sports Brand Fashion Kappa Full Analysis Of E-Commerce Sales

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Sports Brand Fashion Kappa Full Analysis Of E-Commerce Sales

In recent years,

Domestic sports brand

More and more consumers are keen on fashion.


According to a consumer purchase habit analysis data, online shopping has become the mainstream market for consumers to buy sportswear.

Therefore, in view of what brands consumers are keen on, the author conducted a micro survey of major online shopping platforms.

The survey showed that the monthly sales of Kappa Taobao flagship store were the most popular in the online shopping of similar brands.

What makes it popular?

Apart from the maturity of sales promotion and service in the mall, the exclusive definition of "fashion + sports" brand concept is also a major reason for the hot selling network of its products.


It is reported that


A lot of preparatory work has been done before the summer promotion.

Not only in the variety and quantity of commodities, but also ensure the full and stable supply of goods, and strictly control the quality of goods, bringing the best shopping experience for users.

I saw on the Taobao flagship store page that 50 percent off of this season's activities were offered, and the discount rate was far greater than that of the large commercial super stores and flagship stores. The sales promotion rate was much larger than that of the similar sports brands, which directly exploded the enthusiasm of consumers.

In addition, on the basis of genuine warranty, buyers can enjoy 7 day unconditional credit guarantee, which guarantees consumers' reassuring shopping idea to a certain extent.

In addition, the mall service staff responded positively to the buyers' questions, answered each question with patience, and successfully promoted the sales promotion activities of Taobao flagship store to about 60000 orders per month, equivalent to about 2000 sales per day.


In terms of brand concept,


As mature

Internationally famous brands

From the beginning of brand building, it has set the right direction for its development.

That is, no matter where to fight, we always put the quality of products and services first.

In particular, since entering the Chinese market, it has always been centered on market orientation and consumer demand. On the basis of the original health campaign concept, the "fashion" elements conforming to the times have been added, so that brand building has gained a brand-new leap.

Through a few years of development, it has gained a high reputation and reputation in sports and leisure apparel, and is deeply loved by consumers.

In line with the development of online shopping wave, Kappa successfully entered the e-commerce platform in 2009, but this did not change the positioning of its service consumers and brand image.

Kappa still meets the online consumers with a big brand image, and always keeps the high-end fashion brand.


From the above analysis, we can see that


The reason why Taobao flagship store is so popular is its high quality products, people's price, meticulous service, and hidden brand concept of "fashion + sports". These are consumers' choices.


E-commerce is the direct cause of consumption.

Since the development of e-commerce, it can not be regarded as a new thing. In face of competition, only because of the change of demand, the consumers' recognition in price, brand, service and so on is the long-term way to win.

In today's Internet marketing which is full of discount and price concessions, Kappa has grasped the psychology of consumers timely, leading the sports brand market with high-quality products and services and good brand image. It is a successful case of e-commerce marketing under the offline brand mobile online.

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