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Chengdu'S Clothing Has Gone Up?

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Chengdu Dress Lining

Domestic sports brands will end in the fourth quarter of 2011, including




In the fourth quarter, shoes and clothing will increase from one to 20% in the fourth quarter, including brands like XTEP, PEAK and 31st degree.

The price of sports brand products has risen by 10% to 20% this year, according to the data released at the beginning of the annual ordering and annual reports.

It is understood that this year, whether it is sporting goods enterprises, or home textiles, men's clothing and casual wear enterprises, raising prices has become a key word in its order meeting.

For most people, the rise in clothing prices is not a pleasant thing to do, so they buy more than ten yuan or even hundreds of dollars more than ever before.

Despite reluctance, the results of a press survey show that some clothing prices have risen quietly, and only a few brands are not rising.

Status quo: passive price increases began last year

Reporters went to many commercial sections of the city to interview, from street stores to distributors.

Department store

Stores know that many women's wear, children's wear and men's wear brands all say that the autumn winter clothing's increase is around 10%-20%, while the growth of some big brands is much larger.

The reporter learned from Jin Lang sports that the retail price of sportswear brands such as Adidas and Nike will also be raised, as announced by Lining and others.

According to the head of a large department store, the average selling price of the famous casual wear brand ONLY was 269 yuan / piece from the second half of last year, up 49.6% compared to the same period last year, while the average selling price of VEROMODA will reach 336 yuan / piece, up 55.9% compared to the same period last year.

For the phenomenon of general rise in clothing prices, a Chengdu clothing association told reporters that for the cost of raw materials, labor costs and the increase in the rental cost of commercial property, the enterprises can only pfer by raising prices.

An agent at a clothing wholesale city in Chengdu told reporters: "this year, we rent at least a few times the number of rents in the city, doubling two times, and the rent of clothing city has also risen by 50%.

In the interview, Mr. Zhu, the head of the famous women's clothing brand in China, said in an interview that they would not rise in price in the near future, but "it may rise to more than 10% in the future".

He believes that raising prices is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it will boost sales, but at the same time, price increases will also have a crowding out effect on sales volume, which may inhibit sales growth. Besides, prices can not promote the growth of retail sales in the long run.

Among the few brands that do not raise the price, the general manager of the Sichuan marketing center, the Haizhou marketing center, told reporters: "the price of our autumn clothes is basically not up this year."

Due to the fact that the procurement of fabrics is earlier and more expensive, the cost reserves are relatively abundant, and the price of cotton has not been greatly affected by the frenzied cotton prices in the past year.

Countermeasures: Reshaping brands, using products to catch consumers.

An industry source told reporters that clothing prices are inevitable, but the rise in prices has a certain crowding out effect on sales volume, and the promotion of price increases on industry sales growth is also difficult to sustain for a long time.

It is understood that the Chengdu market in the past year, consumers in the purchase of clothing expenditure has not increased, but there has been a decline.

"The homogenization of clothing brands is becoming more and more serious, and" cheap goods are not beautiful. "At this time, you still raise prices, and consumers certainly do not recognize them.

This person believes that for large brands, we should take a look at this opportunity. "From the other side of the price increase, enterprises need to relocate, develop new styles, reinventing the brand, make the core of the product well, and make good use of products to counteract the negative impact of rising prices and catch consumers."

This view has also been recognized by many practitioners.

Liu Mu, general manager of ALT Sichuan branch, told reporters directly, "the price increase has become a big trend".

Therefore, Liu Mu is more interested in this opportunity to raise prices, can improve the quality of goods, "as the price goes up, brand value will also go up, this opportunity to better spread the brand culture."

The same view also includes costumes.

Mr. Li, the person in charge, told reporters that the rise in clothing prices had no impact on them. "This price increase is a good thing for us. It is a kind of opportunities and challenges. The overall trend of the apparel industry will rise in the future, and it will also enhance brand positioning."

Shopping strategy: wrong season purchase

The response from shopping malls is that the price of the autumn winter wear is already a foregone conclusion. The increase is also in the two figure and is expected to be 10% to 20%.

The reporter learned from a shopping mall in Chengdu that the price of the brand has been adjusted in the autumn and winter.

This year's autumn and winter clothing prices generally rose, involving a relatively large brand range.

Among them, the cotton and linen garments increased by 5% to 10%, while the price of fur and mink garments increased by 20% in winter.

When it comes to the possible impact of rising clothing prices on sales, clothing executives at shopping malls say that if they wait until the autumn of August, the sale of clothing on the top of the price clothing is very sensitive to the price increase, the mall may consider that the discount will be advanced to the beginning of September or the middle of September by the end of September.

At the moment, the price increase is a foregone conclusion. How should the consumers plan the clothing purchase plan? From an economic point of view, buying in the wrong season is a wise choice.

Many businesses, from the perspective of reducing backlog costs, will launch some anti season costumes to promote sales at a certain time. The discount will be more intense. Careful consumers will be able to clean up their favorite products.

Reporters noted that the end of September to October golden week is also an important part of autumn clothing discount, consumers do not choose to pick autumn clothes at this time.

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