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Most Of The Reasons For The Fake Origin Of Clothing Brand Are Chongyang Psychology.

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Clothing Brand Origin Origin Chongyang Psychology

In the splendid shopping malls decorated with thousands of thousands of clothing brands, you often see a string of words: Italy, Rome, France, Paris, fashion capital, royalty and nobility.

These words will undoubtedly give people an illusion that these brands must be genuine and foreign goods, and they are classic brands with decades of historical precipitation. Otherwise, they will not be so expensive and there will not be so many people to spend.

But the truth is a big surprise. Such brands look very noble.

Made in China

Moreover, the registration period will not exceed 10 years.

This is the embarrassing reality of China's clothing consumption market.

There is a classic passage: a coal boss travels to Italy, where he scatters banknotes, buys a pile of valuable clothes worth tens of thousands of dollars, returns home happily, opens his clothes and looks at it, but finds it "made in China".

Needless to say, Italy, France and other fashionable birthplaces of gold lettered signboards make Chinese people flock to it, as the hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake are worth more than other places. The Shanxi vinegar is more popular than other places. The garments produced by Italy are also better than those of China. The advantage of origin makes these products innate advantages, so that the products of non origin products are jealous and jealous.

Since the sky is no match for you, then I will be a Shanzhai, so you will have a fake place of origin.

Counterfeiting the origin of clothing in China is to register a shell company in foreign countries or in Hongkong, China, and to package domestic garments into "foreign brands" or "Hong Kong brands", and then fabricate a series of brand development history, such as fabricating the beautiful story of the brand popular in the French upper class, and pushing the brand creation time forward for decades.

The average consumer is absolutely impossible to verify.

It is said that it is the huge benefits brought about by the counterfeiting of the origin. In the small town of a gathering place in the south, the local government has openly encouraged local clothing companies to register in Japan, Korea and other places, and encouraged local cultural and creative companies to provide a complete set of brand design and creative packaging for their Japanese and Korean identity.

With the support of the government, the local origin fraud has formed a complete industrial chain, and its economic benefits are remarkable.

As a result, the intermediary business of the current registered company is very prosperous.

These intermediary companies can provide the names of countries such as Britain, Italy, Korea and so on, and the names of group companies, international groups and so on are also "chosen with you".

It can be said that the origin of China

Cheating atmosphere

A large part of the spread is caused by the psychology of Chongyang.

Unlike Japanese consumers, who are "foreign worshipping", Japanese consumers prefer "narcissism" to their own things.

Chinese consumers regard their products as wives, and feel that they are good at others; and the Japanese regard their products as children, of course, their own good.

Looking at it, all the products sold in Japanese shopping malls are local products, which are printed with Japanese "body and texture", meaning native Japanese goods.

Just as the Chinese are happy to buy imported goods, the Japanese are most interested in buying their own goods.

But Japan has a small population and a large population density.

Local products simply can't satisfy the needs of Japanese consumers.

The local psychology of Japanese consumers and the actual consumption reality have created Japan's counterfeiting of large quantities of imported products.

If the eel imported from Malaysia was put on the lake for a week, it would become an eel produced by the famous lake. The North Korean clam was placed in the sand beach of Japan for a month, and it became a Japanese clam.

Japanese wear clothes. Apart from the fact that Europe and America can impress their minds, the Korean products that are popular in China are very low in Japan, and Chinese clothing is harder to impress them. They actually prefer Japanese goods.

As a "victim", Italy is trying to protect itself.

The birthplace of fashion

The image of Italy Fashion Association has launched a campaign against "label free clothing". However, this movement has also been opposed by many international people, who believe that it has the suspicion of protectionism.

In fact, for counterfeiters, apart from the slight increase in the cost of mandatory labelling of labels of origin, there is no material impact on market sales.

European fashion people even think: "this logo not only does not benefit consumers, but misleads consumers, such as a" madeinItaly "shirt, which is made in China.

The counterfeiting of origin has deceived consumers, harmed the interests of consumers, and let consumers buy a servant girl with the money of a married lady.

But if you are willing to fight and get ready, what can you do?

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