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Sell Personalized Clothing &Nbsp; Monthly Income Of 10000 Yuan

2011/7/15 8:59:00 51

Chengdu Clothing Ordering Society

Today, product homogeneity is serious, and "bump shirt" incidents become more frequent.

And who will be satisfied with the demand for individual products after the "80" and "90" that likes to pursue the personality?

Today, Yang Qing, an entrepreneur in our city, takes a fancy to this.

market demand

Invest in a studio to create personalized clothing and handbags for consumers online.

Hobbies become business opportunities

Mention the clothes designed and made by hand, and Yang Qing, a graduate of design in 2005, has been positioning himself with avant-garde and daring.

"At first I just put


And production as an interest, at a friend's party, someone suggested that she put her design and some products on the Internet.

This test is terrible. Many netizens see my design and clothing bag products as "personalities and avant-garde".

Yang Qing introduced, and then began to redesign her designs on the Internet.

With the affirmation of netizens and the encouragement and encouragement of friends and family members, Yang Qing decided to continue in this direction.

"Even some white-collar companies in Beijing, Shanghai and other places have contacted me."

Yang Qing told reporters that these people wanted her to design for them.


Different T-shirts and bags.

3 million open studios

In 2009, Yang Qing, who returned from Zhejiang to Chongqing, worked with her boyfriend to invest in 30 thousand of a small residential area in Shapingba, and set up his own studio. At the same time, he opened a small shop on the Internet, with a monthly income of 10 thousand ~2 yuan.

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