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Comprehensive Shopping Malls Emerge From The &Nbsp; The Unified Pattern Of Humen'S Clothing Market Is Broken.

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Comprehensive Shopping MallsClothing And Apparel Industry In Humen

Recently, many commercial projects have been launched in Humen. It is worth noting that these commercial projects no longer blindly build the clothing trading market, but pay more attention to the development of comprehensive commercial and other types of commercial projects.

Humen clothing trade

Market driven business pattern is expected to be broken, and business in Humen is brewing new changes.

[phenomenon] new businesses no longer choose clothes only.

Humen officially launched in the first half of this year

Landmark Plaza

It has become one of the most popular properties in Humen.

The total area of the project is 69480 square meters, which is divided into two phases.

It is worth mentioning that the first phase of the project also has a commercial square covering 40000 square meters and a total of five floors, some of which are planned to be the flagship store of the rainbow Southern China region, which is expected to be settled in September this year.

Unlike other commercial projects in Humen, landmark Plaza has chosen to build a comprehensive business that integrates business, catering, entertainment and leisure.

Coincidentally, the "land one avenue" built by commercial real estate companies from the North has officially announced in Humen recently, claiming that it has officially entered Humen to develop business projects.

It is thought-provoking that the company is good at creating a clothing trading market, but this time in Humen, it did not make all the projects as clothing stores.

It is understood that the first avenue will invest in Humen to build a supermarket with more than one million square meters.

At present, the first phase of the project is 450 thousand square meters.

But the 450 thousand square meters are not all used to invest in the clothing industry, of which 150 thousand square meters are used to invest in catering, leisure and entertainment.

It is not only a new project, but also located in the name shopping city of Humen new business district, which is also planning to make wholesale clothing market.

After several changes in its business model, from clothing to the main push

Maternity and infant products

Today, it is also positioned as a shoe trading market.

The relative saturation of clothing market

In Humen, clothing business is almost a consensus of every businessman coming to Humen.

Since this year, more and more investors have chosen to build a comprehensive business and no longer love the clothing industry.

For the formation of this phenomenon, the industry analysts believe that the Humen clothing market is relatively saturated, coupled with the intensification of competition, is the main reason why new projects are "not taking the unusual path" in positioning.

At the same time, in the past, almost all businesses in Humen have focused their attention on the clothing market, ignoring the comprehensive commercial development similar to landmark Plaza. This also left much room for development of comprehensive commercial and other types of commercial projects.

Zhu Guohan, director of investment promotion in Humen one avenue, said that the competition in Humen's clothing industry is very fierce now. If we do not develop a new market in Humen, it will eventually result in poor management.

This is also the first avenue, after entering Humen, did not put all the commercial volume into the main reason for the clothing market.

Liu Jinlin, manager of Ruifeng home market research department, also said that due to traffic, consumption and other cities' competition, Humen's clothing market is relatively saturated and competitive.

His views were also approved by Zheng Jianye, assistant general manager of Real Estate Company, Dongguan Fengtai construction company.

Zheng Jianye believes that Humen's clothing trade market is very developed, but the current flow of people and logistics also has a relative bottleneck. If there is no big breakthrough in the urban environment and pportation, the clothing market is relatively saturated, and it is difficult to support the entry of new investment forces.

At the same time, competition from other cities, such as the wholesale clothing market in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, has made Humen's clothing market more and more difficult.

Under such circumstances, some business investors began to think and change, instead of focusing on the clothing market and paying more attention to the development of comprehensive business.

[doubt] how much room for development of Humen's clothing market?

In recent years, many commercial projects no longer create a single garment trading market, but rather focus on the development of comprehensive business. Does that mean that there is no room for development in Humen's clothing market?

Most people in the industry do not think so.


Humen landmark Plaza marketing director, Lai Feng, told reporters that Humen's garment industry has been developing for a long time and has a solid foundation. Although it is facing the bottleneck of phased development, it still has great room for development in the future because of its strong market system and economic support.

The Yellow River real estate marketing director Huang Zhikang also said that Humen's current economic development strategy is shifting, but the garment industry is the foundation of Humen, and the future development of Humen is also dependent on the clothing industry.

Zhu Guohan also said that the clothing industry in Humen still has room for development, but it needs dislocation management. For example, most of the previous projects mainly focus on women's clothing, and the wholesale clothing of the one avenue will be mostly made up of men's wear, sportswear, shoes and other products, and the one avenue will also improve the product quality. "Only in this way can the clothing industry of Humen continue to develop."

Zhongdi Rui, director of Central Plains real estate strategy research department, also said that the clothing market in Humen is facing a bottleneck of development. However, there is no further development space. The key to new development is to break the bottleneck of the flow of people and logistics. For example, when the new train station is put into use in Humen, the future Humen will develop into an important pportation hub in the Pearl River Delta. Taking the high-speed rail from Humen to Wuhan will take only 5 hours. The radiation capacity of the Humen garment market is expected to further radiate into the hinterland of the Central Plains, which will bring new opportunities for the development of the garment market.

Lu Honghua, the industry insider, also said that as long as all efforts are made to break the bottleneck of the current development of Humen's clothing market, there will be more room for development.

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