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Hebei Baoding 30% Enterprises Still Have Inventory &Nbsp; Cotton Trading Market Is Cold And Cheerless.

2011/7/15 8:43:00 66

Hebei Baoding Stock

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Cotton price

Slumped recently


The local lint is in stock.


On that day


Three grade, three grade and four grade lint.


They are 600 yuan / ton, 800 yuan / ton, 1000 yuan / ton respectively, and cotton lint is almost nobody, the market is gloomy and the mood of enterprises is pessimistic.

On the same day, local lint quotes three level, 21500 yuan / ton (pick up, gross weight, take the ticket, the same below), weak three level 20800 yuan / ton, four level 19600 yuan / ton, all fell sharply compared with 13 days.

It is understood that at present, there are about 50-60 local inventory enterprises, accounting for about 30% of local enterprises.

These enterprises are mainly based on type 200, with a small number of 400.


In fact, at the beginning of this month, these enterprises saw the wrong direction of the wind and increased their inventory. However, because of the harsh conditions of the textile enterprises or refusal to purchase, the sales situation did not improve. There was still a slight hope that cotton prices might rise. At present, the fall in cotton prices has caused a great impact on the psychology of local enterprises.

At present, the vast majority of enterprises selling at market prices lose 6000-7000 yuan per ton, as long as there are stock enterprises will face huge losses, and some of them are unable to return bank loans.

There are also some enterprises that borrow from high places and loans, which are even more pressure.

Zhang Zhang, the head of a 200 type enterprise, said that it is estimated that the number of local enterprises that purchase and purchase will exceed 100 in the next year.

Seed cotton prices followed a big drop. On the same day, the three grade seed cotton quotations were 4.30 yuan / jin (38% of lint, 10% of moisture regain), four level 4.05-4.15 yuan / jin (the score of clothes to be divided), all down 10 Fen to 2 cents compared with 13 days, which fell about Sanmao compared with last week.

At present, all the local processing enterprises have stopped collecting, and the cotton farmers' intention to sell is also rare. The market is cold and cheerless, which is the same as the 39 cold winter.

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