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Won Bin Took Over Hyun Bin'S Endorsement Of The Outdoor Clothing Brand &Nbsp;

2011/7/15 9:00:00 52

Won Bin Hyun Bin Outdoor Clothing


Korean actor

Won Bin

Hyun Bin, who recently joined the army not long ago, became a new spokesman for a famous outdoor clothing brand in South Korea.

The outdoor clothing brand responsible person announced today (14) morning that Won Bin has signed a one year endorsement agreement with the brand, and will replace Hyun Bin who joined the army to become the new spokesman of the brand.

The responsible person, Won Bin's strong and gentle image and the

Outdoor clothing brand

In pursuit of the same corporate identity, Won Bin was chosen to take over Hyun Bin.

It is reported that Won Bin will soon be the

Brand shooting

2011 New advertisements in autumn and winter will also be filmed in mid August.

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