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Bao'S Brand &Nbsp, Let Women "Self-Confidence" Completely Open.

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Bao Zi'S Brand Is Confident And Open.

Who says clothes can't be spoken? Baozi will come from Paris, France. deep The culture and art form an elegant and popular way to make body and mind more free. Taking dress as language, it tells women's freedom and freedom. And in a natural and leisurely way, the woman "self-confidence" is completely open.

Guangzhou Baoshan Garments Co., Ltd. is a large garment enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and OEM processing. It was founded in 2001. "BOWTS" is the flagship brand of M.MD international fashion Limited by Share Ltd in France. It is favored by French women for its exquisite, fashionable, leisure and elegant style. Sought after And step by step across the border. Fashionable Europe and America.

In order to make the "BOWTS" brand better develop the Chinese market, leading the trend of China's high-end fashion women's clothing, creating a first-class international brand. M.MD and Bao Ren Fashion Co., Ltd., inviting the famous French fashion designer JOCO.BRON to join the company, adhering to the design concept of "BOWTS", with a unique European and American style as the keynote, combined with Chinese aesthetic taste and popular elements, will make China's profound culture and French romantic and free. Mental blending 。


Bao Yong applies the advanced concept of international brand management and marketing to promote the Sinicization of international brand "BOWTS" and create a more attractive and characteristic "BOWTS" brand. And then realize the operation of the company. Scale Product marketing, management modernization and technology cutting-edge have become an influential garment enterprise in China's garment industry.


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