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The Two Parties Of The United States Have Reached An Agreement On Debt Issue &Nbsp; They Will Reduce Expenditure By 2 Trillion Dollars.

2011/8/1 19:13:00 31

The Two Party Debt Problem Agreement



At a news conference, President Obama announced that the two parties of the United States Congress have reached an agreement on the debt problem and decided to raise the national debt ceiling and save the government from default of $14 trillion and 300 billion.

According to US media reports, details of the agreement have not yet been released.

Obama said at the press conference that the agreement reached now is not what he originally requested, but this agreement will enable the United States to avoid debt default and end the debt crisis in Washington.

The details of the agreement will be discussed later.

Media reports say the agreement reached on Sunday night will allow the US government to continue.

Borrow money

And the US government will spend 2 trillion dollars in a period of time.

It is expected that the two houses of the United States Congress will vote on the tough agreement negotiated in August 1st.

Last week, the United States

equity market

It suffered the biggest blow in the whole year, and the US dollar also suffered depreciation.

On Sunday, the US and the world markets were watching Washington's every move.

If no resolution can be reached before Tuesday, the world economy will still be seriously affected during the recovery period of the financial crisis.

Earlier, both parties in the US Congress agreed to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling, but the debate over spending cuts and the timing of spending cuts has been debated for weeks.

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