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Tinkling Cat: Twelve Years Of Interpretation Of Classic Children'S Wear World

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Tinkling Cats Interpret Classics

Quiet summer night

Peaceful moonlit night

It always brings a child.

Quiet and quiet

The feeling.

Once, the innocent child nestled in the grandmother's arms and counted the stars, enjoying the clear and tranquil moonlight of the country.

Once upon a time, small groups of children were playing and fighting in the clear moonlight, feeling the colorful childhood.

Children are full of vigor in the moonlight, such as water moonlight gently sprinkled on children's faces, reflecting the naivety.


Such as water moonlight, can drink; colorful childhood, can be realized.

Twelve years of classic brand children's clothing "tinkling cat", with every intention to understand every moment of childhood growth!

Born in 1999, the tinkling Cat brand children's clothing, originated from the simple aristocratic style of the Mediterranean Italy, is specially designed for the fashionable children of the 2-16 year old city.

It takes the fresh, bright, bright, elegant environmental color as the keynote, and integrates many elements such as innocence, exquisite taste, fashion, health, environmental protection and so on. It emphasizes the characteristics of comfort, safety, environmental protection and humanization.

Tinkling cat clothing is designed to bring every child's clothes into full play.

The color is elegant and fresh, the fabric is exquisite and the process is meticulous.

First class international top designers, with a keen sense of fashion and smell, firmly grasp the international trend of fashion and put fashion elements into the development of brand clothing, leading to a stunning beauty.

Feast of the tide

Ten top brand children's wear in China

Jingle cat

We have always been committed to becoming a good partner in the growth of children. We are always concerned about the growth of children.

In line with the management principle of "children's career is a lifelong career", tinkling cats continue to upgrade and improve their value-added services, and strive to bring consumers healthy and environmental friendly shopping enjoyment, which is widely favored by consumers.

In the twelve year, the memory of "tinkling cat" quietly surged.

The myth of tinkling cat's classic brand for twelve years is shining brightly under the bright stars of children's clothing market.



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