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Jiangsu International Garment Festival Thermal Industry Upgrading

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Jiangsu International Garment Upgrading

7, the thirteenth Jiangsu International Costume festival The curtain was opened at the Nanjing International Expo Center (Hexi). Li Xueyong, deputy secretary and governor of the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, vice president of Jiangsu Province, and vice chairman of the China Textile Industry Association, Wang Tian Kai, Zhang Yankai, Gao Yong, Xie Ming, President of Jiangsu Textile Industry Association, Yu Bing, President of Jiangsu Garment Association attended the opening ceremony of the Fashion Festival and visited the exhibition. The scale of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors all create the theme of the most recent GARMENT FESTIVAL closely linked to transformation and upgrading, highlighting the effectiveness of the brand, and displaying the rich connotation of "brand Jiangsu and fashion Jiangsu". The clothing festival reflects the outstanding achievements of China's textile industry in the first big province, and is highly valued by people inside and outside the industry.

The clothing festival is composed of three parts, namely, the Expo, the second Jiangsu fashion week and the series of events. There are more than 400 exhibitors and more than 1200 booths. The exhibition area is nearly 45 thousand square meters, which is 30% more than that of the previous session. The exhibition will include not only Bosteng, red beans, Yalu, Yihe, tiger leopard, sang Luo, AB, snow bamboo, and a number of famous Chinese brands and provincial famous brands, but the black peony group will also show the image of ERQ denim men's shop, and a large number of new fashion brands, such as LAN Zi embroidery, 100 flund, liberty, law, poetry and color, colorful city, arshenton, Xuan Ze, Jin Chao, Bo Shi man, will be strong enough to enter the fair. brand Constantly upgrading, the emergence of new brands. In addition, the home textile brand will become a new bright spot. The brand names of dream LAN, Xin Yuan cocoon, Ya Ping, Jiu Jiu, Su Si, Taihu snow, silk cube, Ma Li Fang and homesick will be unveiled at this Expo.

With the deepening of brand building, professional design has become textile. clothing The new favorite of enterprises. Over the past few years, a large number of professional design institutes have come into being and become the engines of fashionable Jiangsu and brand Jiangsu. A number of design institutes from the United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, Hongkong, China, Taiwan and Jiangsu and other provinces and cities participated in the exhibition negotiations, docking with brand enterprises and accessories enterprises. The design salon explored the market demand, professional trend and training environment of the buyer's designer, and showed the foresight of the exhibition service industry upgrading.

Reporters saw the exhibition center exhibition from the textile and garment industry in Jiangsu trillion yuan scale, industrial restructuring, brand building, technological innovation and so on six aspects of Jiangsu textile and garment industry "11th Five-Year" achievements, at the same time, Jiangsu textile and garment industry "12th Five-Year" planning vision is described.

In this exposition, the industrial cluster has a panoramic view. Changshou City ancient town, Mei Li Zhen, Bi Xi Town, Zhangjiagang, Wujiang and Wujiang Shengze Town, Zhen Ze Zhen, Hengfan Town, Taoyuan Town, Yixing new town, Suzhou Lin Hu town and a number of old industrial bases and special towns have organized the local brand as a whole. In addition, this year, Jiangsu Province has undertaken a number of famous towns and cities such as Suqian Siyang county and Xuzhou Suining county to organize key enterprises and key products fair, showing the famous brand of fashion city and textile county. Changshu has 1 famous brands in China (Bosideng), 22 famous brand products in China, 56 well-known trademarks in China, 115 famous brand products in Jiangsu, and 88 famous trademarks in Jiangsu province. The number of famous brand products ranks first in the county level cities throughout the country, maintaining the first place in the province, and the brand economy has become Changshu's "city card". According to statistics, Changshu's "brand economy" accounts for more than 32.5% of industrial sales revenue.

Scientific and technological innovation of this clothing festival product Concentrated appearance has become a vivid window to refract industrial upgrading. Sunshine group not only constantly introduced new high-grade woollen fabrics, its high-end men's and women's clothing also sparkled with innovation and vitality. Lianyungang Zhongfu eagle's carbon fiber, Yalu new science and technology material clothing, Yihe green outdoor clothing, Hengli Chemical fiber fabric, Sheng Hong Group super fine fiber fabric, Lok Kee, black peony new denim fabric and other new technology products are refreshing.

The fashion festival will be held through the second session. Jiangsu Fashion creative week, designers, artists, designers, works, outdoor leisure design Grand Prix, excellent designers recommend and compare, fashion design salon and forum activities to promote the improvement of creative design level.

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