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Home Textile Industry Is Now In Its Early Stage Of Growth.

2011/9/8 10:17:00 45

Home Textile Industry Growth Period

Hongyuan securities analyst Wang Fenghua released in September 6th Textile and clothing According to the industry report, the growth trend of home textiles and brand clothing is determined, giving the textile and garment industry "overweight" investment rating.

The report thinks that the domestic textile industry will develop in the future. Huge space 。 In developed countries, household, clothing and industrial textiles account for 1/3 of the total, while domestic textile consumption accounts for only 20%. The home textile industry is in its early stage of growth, and its industry is vast. Home textile plate As a whole, the industry concentration rate is improving. In the future, with the improvement of residents' income level and the trend of consumption upgrading and urbanization, the market of medium and high grade home textile products will also expand.

The research report also summed up the ratings of key companies with better growth in the textile industry, among which 2 were given a buy rating, and 15 were overweight. The companies that offer overweight rating include Jiangsu sunshine, Lu Tai A, Meng Jie home textiles, fuanna, Luo Lai home textiles, Jia Linjie, Xun Xing shares, Pathfinder, Semir costumes, seven wolves, Kaiser shares, Jiumu Wang, search for special, Mei Bang dress and good news birds.


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