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Exchange Rate Continues To Appreciate &Nbsp; Shoe Enterprises Profit Margins Are Getting Thinner.

2011/10/14 15:32:00 26

Exchange Rate Shoe Orders

Announced yesterday (October 13th)


The data seem to confirm this concern from the side. China's exports increased by 17.1% in September, down from 24.5% last month and the expected market value.

Imports grew 20.9% over the same period last year, down from about 10 percentage points last month, which is also lower than market expectations.

China's trade surplus in September slipped from $17 billion 700 million last month to $14 billion 500 million in September, as exports fell faster.

Sun Lijian: I'm worried about the measures to foster private enterprises.

However, at the same time, Lu Peijun, deputy director of the General Administration of Customs of China and spokesperson of the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, Liu Jianjun expressed their positive forecast for the export situation this year.

The Canton Fair, as a barometer of China's foreign trade, is not obviously affected by the current preparations.


The impact of weakness.

The US and European crisis has loomed.

China's exports to the United States and the European Union increased by 11.6% and 9.8% respectively, compared with last month, according to country data.

Despite all kinds of data risk warnings, the study of the General Administration of Customs of China and the current situation of Canton fair show that such risks may not jeopardize the overall trend of China's foreign trade throughout the year.

Lu Peijun predicted that the total value of China's foreign trade this year will exceed 35000 billion US dollars, an increase of about 19%.

The annual trade surplus is about $170 billion, slightly lower than in 2010 or basically flat, and the balance of foreign trade and imports will not change.

At the same time, from the preparatory work of the Canton Fair as an important reference index, the current recruitment data have not been affected.

Liu Jianjun also told reporters that compared with the situation on the eve of 2008, it is much better now whether it is the situation of exhibitors or the enthusiasm of exhibitors.

"We expect that the 109 export paction will remain stable on the basis of 108 US $37 billion."

He said.

However, the survival of SMEs is difficult.

"Now it is really very difficult, the production cost is high, the price that the guest gives is very low, we have no profit, ready not to export, turn to domestic sale."

One in


Be engaged in

leather shoes

The dealer, wallet, wallet sales Mr.

He counted out an account. Seven or eight years ago, every pair of shoes exported could earn 10 yuan or so, while the wages of the workers were about half of that. Now, the export of a pair of shoes is only 3~5 yuan gross profit, the labor cost has risen sharply, and the profit space has been reduced to only 3%~5%.

"The expectation of exchange rate appreciation will make buyers and exporters dare not make long lists and big bills, and tend to short lists and small bills. This is reflected in the export paction of Canton Fair this year."

Liu Jianjun said.

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