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How To Properly Wear And Maintain Jewelry?

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Wearing Jewelry And Jewelry

Buying jewelry is a pleasant thing, but when jewelry comes back, how to use it and maintain it is also important.

There are some specious maintenance methods in jewelry circles.

In terms of science, it is not entirely correct, so it is necessary to rectify it.

Moreover, some consumers are not aware of the real use of protection when using jewelry.

Therefore, the jewellery is not lightly damaged or tarnished, and it is more likely to loose, drop or lose the main stone.

Here are several items that should be noted for proper wearing of jewelry and maintenance methods for consumers to avoid accidental damage to jewelry.

Jewelry maintenance tips

1. cleaning the jewellery with toothpaste? Wrong!!!

In jewelry circles, there is a saying that toothbrushes with toothpaste and jewelry can make jewelry look as bright as new.

It is proper to wash jewelry, but toothpaste is not ideal, because toothpaste contains fine abrasive particles with high hardness. These particles are very small, but the hardness is as high as six or seven degrees (almost the same as the crystal). Therefore, the use of toothpaste to wash jewellery will damage the ratio.


The surface of precious stones with low hardness, especially the surface of pearls, gold and gold, is absolutely avoided. The most correct washing solution should be diluted neutral surfactant (such as salad and baby shampoo).

2. tap water damages pearl luster.

Some people want to clean and maintain after wearing pearls for a few times. They do not know that the use of tap water for a short period of cleaning has little effect on jewelry.

Because there is a fixed amount of chlorine (C1) in tap water, it will damage the luster of the pearl surface. In fact, mineral water should be the best for soaking the Pearl.

In addition, after wearing pearls, they should be washed and maintained before they are sent to the safe deposit box of the bank, so as not to accumulate too much dirt in the future to make the Pearl discolouration. Besides, the bank deposit box for keeping cash and documents is relatively low because of its relatively low humidity. Its storage conditions are not suitable for jewels such as pearls, such as pearls and proteins.

Etc., so we need to remove it every once in a while, soak up the water and maintain the humidity.

3. take off at the right time, it is maintenance

Proper wearing of jewelry should be diligent to replace or take away from people, things, time, place and objects, but there may be no way for busy modern people.

But at least when you wash your hands, it is best to take it off, because some soap contains different alkaline substances. Over time, it may cause a kind of harm to the more fragile gemstones, and the soap in the soap can also be easily stuck in the slot of the ring, thus greatly affecting the luster and brightness of the gem.

Besides, bath, housework, swimming and so on are also easy to cause collisions and injuries.

4. pay attention to substances containing acids and alkalinity.

Some substances that come into contact with our daily life or food contain different acids or bases. These different concentrations of acid and alkali chemicals may damage jewels, especially pearls, or other organic gemstones.

The use of cosmetics in daily life should be avoided as far as possible.

You should wear makeup and perfume before wearing clothes, and then wear jewelry to avoid higher concentration of cosmetics or perfume directly touching the surface of jewelry. If you need perfume, you should avoid spraying perfume directly onto the surface of jewelry.

5. pay attention to the wearing order of jewelry.

When wearing claw or jewelry or ring, avoid wearing clothes.

A leather bag

Just in case.


Although it does not cause the main stone to fall off immediately.

Generally speaking, jewelry should be worn in order to wear jewelry after wearing them.

There are many ways of inserting jewelry. The most insurance method is not to hook the clothes, but the package is wrapped around the whole waist, so that the light can not enter. Moreover, because the part of the gold is used more, the visual effect is not so attractive as that of the claw. Therefore, the most popular jewelry market is still claw set, but the order should be noticed.

6. magical use of pocket jewelry

You may have heard that some people remove jewelry from their hands and put them on the washing table, accidentally fall down on the ground, get hurt or slide into the drains, or forget the events on the washing table. Actually, this is nothing new, but such a crisis can be avoided.

When you buy jewelry, jewelry store will send you a small treasure box, put jewelry in it, make jewelry look beautiful.

It is a great pity that many people use jewelry after they are removed, but not in the drawer.

In fact, this little jewel box has its own magical function. It is small and not occupied by the place. It can be carried around. When you wash your hands out, you can take the ring off and put it in the jewelry box. If you develop this habit, you can greatly reduce the chance of losing the jewelry ring.

So don't bother. Take a small ring box with you!

7. rings: eyeglasses rubbing small scar on wedding rings.

Careful care, the wedding ring worn every day will also have minor wounds. Before the disappearance of the ring's luster has not completely disappeared, the spectacles will be rubbed and polished. The gloss will be reborn, and the rubbed cloth will be purchased in most jewellery stores.

If there are very serious injuries, you need to buy jewelry jewelry store repair, and also need to note that the quality assurance book must be kept well.

8. diamonds: use kitchen detergents to clean diamonds.

Diamond has the characteristics of oil affinity, so it is easy to taint the grease and dirt on the skin. Even high quality diamonds are covered with grease and dirt on their hands, and the natural light will be concealed.

If you want to remove dirt, you can put some kitchen detergent in a small cup, dilute it with water and put it in a diamond ring.

After a while, the dirt will come to the surface.

When there is a lot of dirt, use a pen to stir, then clean the diamond with water, and the diamond will shine.

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