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Vibram Fivefingers Shanghai Wan Style Pavilion TOPSPORTS II Grand Opening

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In May 5th, China's first Vibram FiveFingers brand store will be the largest sports product sales network in China.


Its TOPSPORTS Shanghai Pavilion is opened.

In the same period, Vibram FiveFingers will launch the "natural run - VFF barefoot training camp 2012 ShangHai Railway Station" in Shanghai.

Since then, there has been a new wave of barefoot movement.

China's first Vibram FiveFingers store will meet with sports fans in the latest display of the concept of barefoot sports.

The special 65 square meters barefoot sports experience area can make sports enthusiasts experience the fun of barefoot sports and Vibram FiveFingers products in all aspects.

Vibram FiveFingers China will hold a 2012 barefoot training camp in Shanghai in May 5th, including the opening of the Shanghai barefoot running concept seminar in TOPSPORTS II of Shanghai Wan Guan Pavilion, watching the Daniel Liberman professor at the Harvard University, explaining the barefoot running principle, VFF Technology Exhibition and explanation, trying to participate in the barefoot running experience game on the spot, carrying out a series of colorful interactive activities in the 80000 people's Stadium, such as ice breaking game, barefoot running skills explanation and running practice.

Shanghai Wan style pavilion covering 2500 square meters


It is one of the few high-end sports professional shop concept shops in the country, including more than 100 hot sports professional sports brands in the world, and 6000 new products synchronously online. It is a "sports hall" which integrates sports commodities, sports services and sports experience.

TOPSPORTS II breaks through traditional ideas and subverts people's understanding of sports brand.

It represents a sport spirit, expresses a sport concept, develops and pmits sports civilization, displays and experiences the latest sports technology, and fully meets the product needs of different roles such as sports, life, leisure and so on. TOPSPORTS II chooses the Hai Wan Pavilion in the famous sports venues in Shanghai, which is also known as the benchmark of the famous sports shop in Beijing.

To support China's first

Vibram FiveFingers

Brand stores opened, and TOPSPORTS II and Vibram FiveFingers China jointly held "barefoot running experience activities" from May 5th to 20.

Participants can experience the barefoot sports experience area in the TOPSPORTS II store, experience the VFF barefoot running on the treadmill, complete the 500 meter barefoot run and participate in the micro-blog game to buy all VFF models, the first 100 give VFF training socks, the weekend special activities, the completion of the 500 meter red foot run can be 50 percent off preferential purchase of Classic and Sprint, the competition crown army will obtain Classic and Sprint respectively.

On the eve of the Vibram FiveFingers China audio pmission, Vibram USA opened its flagship store in Boston, Massachusetts on the eve of this year's Boston marathon. Customers experience products in the experience area of cobblestone road, grassland, stone and wood.

The shop also displayed the minimalist product developed by Vibram brand and New York and Mai Lok, showing barefoot skills and knowledge to more sports fans.

Run with Vibram FiveFingers - feel lighter, more free natural run.

About TopSports II

It is BELLE International's sports business line. It has nine branches in the whole country, which is located in Shanghai.

The business department of Shanghai is responsible for the service, support, guidance and supervision of the nine branches throughout the country.

BELLE international is the largest women's shoe retailer in China, and is the Hong Kong listed companies.

The main business includes footwear, sports, luggage and clothing. It has the largest self-reliance chain sales network in China. By the end of 2007, there were more than 6000 retail outlets.

BELLE group is also the largest distributor of Nike, Adidas and REEBOK in China, and also has the distribution rights of puma, KAPPA, MIZUNO, converse and LEVI "S" and other international brands.

Thanks to the group's terminal strength and management accumulation, since its inception in 2002, the company has been maintaining a leap in growth and expanding scale, making BELLE international occupy a leading position in the sports brand retail industry, and has also opened up a precedent for the management of the apparel brand of the group.

About VIBRAM FiveFingers

In over 75 years of history, Vibram has become a trustworthy leader with excellent performance and constant innovation.

The founder of Vitale Bramani developed the first rubber soles used on mountaineering boots, which forever changed the way of people wading across the earth and crossing vertically and horizontally.

Mr. Vitale used to be a climber and a Mountaineering Guide in the Alps, Italy.

Experience keeps him in mind, and he believes that it is necessary to use high performance rubber soles on shoes.

After years of research, and with the production of millions of shoe soles for many leading shoe brands, Vibram has made another breakthrough.

In 2001, Vibram started a unique concept in the Innovation Laboratory of Milan, Italy.

This achievement is another historic innovation: a pair of shoes and shoes that can be moved naturally and feel like barefoot.

In 2006, Vibram FiveFingers was born!

Vibram FiveFingers barefoot sneakers challenge traditional shoe models.

In its unusual design, its thin and soft soles make the feet flexed and bent.

The five fingers are separated from each other - like our feet! Because of these characteristics, every step out of VFF is like experiencing materials, temperature and biomechanics.

Since the launch of Vibram FiveFingers in 2006, many events have taken place, bringing the concept of minimalism, especially the concept of minimalist running, into pop culture.

For example, the study of barefoot running, the issuance of New York Times's best seller Born to Run, and the emergence of VFF users with a clear personality and pursuit of progress have stimulated consumers to put their shoes aside and replace them with VFF barefoot sneakers.

As a result, barefoot / minimalist running has become a hot topic of public debate in today's newspapers, magazines and websites.

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