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Animation Fashion Thumb 2013 Autumn And Winter Conference Milan Oriental Show

2013/4/12 22:55:00 33

Children'S WearChildren'S Wear Press ConferenceChildren'S Wear Features

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"P >" big brother "this new product launches the theme of" Fen man Tong Shang ". It is held in Shishi, known as Milan in the East.

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< p > as the leader of animation fashion, the big brother animation fashion brand has gained strong social repercussions with the innovative business mode of "animation + industry". With the help of the strength of the parent company of the parent company, which has the advantage of < a target= "_blank" href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/" > "clothing /a >", its online marketing channel has been launched since July 2011. It has opened more than 300 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei, Shaanxi and Hainan Province.

Behind its brilliant data, it is inseparable from the huge effect produced by traditional animation industry.

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< p > founded in 2007 in Xiamen, < a href= "http://baike.baidu.com/view/220518.htm" > big brother < /a >, in the past few years, it has been concentrating on the production of original animation, digging deep cultural connotation and solid cultural foundation.

The 500 large original 3D animation series "Xiao Rui and the great devil" have been launched in CCTV children and more than 400 TV stations nationwide, more than 50 new media and more than 30 foreign countries and regions. The image of the film has been awarded to more than 20 manufacturing enterprises, and has been recommended by the State Administration of radio, film and television for many times as an excellent domestic cartoon and recommended to the whole country.

The brand name "Xiao Rui" and "big devil" series have become the best spokesmen for big brother fashion brand.

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< p > "anime star is our star little Ma bean," Tong Xing's endorsement can only be Bo Ren eyeball, can not be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the anime stars are pformed into the connotation part of our products, we also have permanent possession, and the star effect produced is more lasting and obvious.

Cai Fan, general manager of thumb animation, said.

He also said that big brother packaged the industry through animation, not only by using the image, but also in the service.

Animation experience entertainment is the core value-added service, which is different from traditional "_blank" href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/" and "shoes" /a "clothing" business mode. Taking experience, interaction and entertainment shopping as the demand, the store design integrates the popular cartoon elements to create a comfortable and lively family shopping environment. The whole shop not only includes "a", "children", "children", "shoes", "bags", "boutique" and "comics", but also has children's games and interactive areas. A href= "http://baike.baidu.com/view/220518.htm" > Animation > /a > Fashion Experience Hall.

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