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This Year, Sandals Are Up Again Below 1000 Yuan.

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SandalsPrice IncreasesNew Models

< p > the reporter walked into the mall < a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > shoes > /a > area. Beside the sign of "new product listing", a pair of cool and bright sandals have been put on.

In the Pura Biance counters, the reporter saw that the fish mouth high heels, cold towing and sandals (exclusive stores) had occupied the main position of the counters, and the staff recommended several new models that had just arrived two days ago.

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< p > however, when the reporter picked up the a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > sandals < /a > recommended by the staff, the price of the new products was more than 1500 yuan per pair, and some even sold for 2000 yuan.

Reporters then came to other brand counters on the floor, and found that the new price of sandals was not an individual phenomenon.

In the AS counter, the price of a pair of sheep is 1598 yuan. The price of a pair of leather shoes is priced at 1790 yuan in the BCGC counters. In the joy & Peace counters, the price of a pair of rivets is 2998 yuan, which is higher than the original price of some winter boots of last year. "BCGC"

In the whole market, sandals and cold hauls, whose original price is less than 1000 yuan, are very rare.

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< p > < strong > material upgrading and virtual high "Convention" < /strong > /p >

< p > < strong > the main reason for the rise in price is < /strong > < /p >.

< p > compared with the price range of 699 to 1299 of sandals listed last year, the reporter found that the growth of some shopping malls "a href=" http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp "brand" /a "new sandals this year increased by at least 20%.

Asked about the reasons for the rise in prices, many staff members explained that the increase in material and work costs.

"Have you noticed that this year's sandals are less classic, and there are more new styles of design.

Another important reason is that the leather and sheepskin used in sandals are more exquisite and exquisite.

< /p >

< p > in addition to what the staff call the material upgrading, insiders pointed out that the "customary" of the brand to make the listing price too high is the "initiator" of the price of sandals again.

Some brands in order to deal with the overall promotion activities of the mall, it is no longer a new move to raise the price at the factory. Many consumers who are well versed in this way also told reporters that "now there are a href=" http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp "in the shopping mall, and the promotion is less than /a.

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< p > < strong > last year, the old discount was bigger than /strong > /p >

< p > < strong > many styles are still popular this year, < /strong > < /p >.

< p > however, in the interview, the reporter found that many brands would put the old sandals on the side counter for sale at the main counter, with considerable discount.

In Paris spring Hongkou store NINE WEST counters, the reporter saw nearly 60 last year's sandals with 199 yuan and 299 yuan preferential price to carry on the substantial promotion, some of which are still popular this year, Rome shoes.

In the case of Yi Dan Dan, the sales price of sandals for joy & Peace last year was as low as 398 yuan.

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< p > < strong > international shoe brand group "advance" China < a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > market < /a > /strong > /p >

< p > recently, as the first and the only sub exhibition of Milan international a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > shoes exhibition "/a", the Shanghai international footwear exhibition opened at Shanghai Exhibition Center. This is also the first large-scale group of international high-end shoe shoe brands to "advance" into the Chinese market.

More than 380 brands from 300 enterprises took part in the shoe exhibition, and released and displayed the latest fashion trend of footwear products in autumn and winter of 2013 - 2014.

Some international brands, which are "not yet available", have landed in China for the first time through shoe exhibitions, and have been close to domestic audiences.

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