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2013 Sports Shoes And Clothing Competition For Children'S Clothing Industry Needs Careful Adjustment

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< p > < < a href= > http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp > > PEAK < /a > Liu Xiang, manager of public relations, said PEAK had over 1300 stores in 2012, which is far faster than domestic counterparts.

By the end of 2012, the number of retail outlets authorized by the group was 6483 in December 31, 2012, compared with 2011 in December 31, 2012.

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< p > followed by PEAK, < a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > Anta < /a > (franchised store) last year's closing speed is also very amazing.

According to its announcement, Anta sports last year reduced its number of stores by 590. The group also said in the notice to shareholders that 475 -575 stores will continue to be reduced this year.

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Less than P, and XTEP is the same in this respect.

XTEP, which had never heard from stores before, closed more than 80 stores in 2012.

XTEP also said in a recent announcement that they will continue to close more than 100 stores in 2013.

Among them, in Hunan and Anhui, XTEP will increase business mode adjustment.

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< p > up to now, the news of the reporter is that "the five tigers" will be the only one that has not closed the shop, but only a 360 degree store.

According to relevant data, by the end of last year, the number of retail outlets was 8082, with some 72% of new stores located in three lines and smaller cities.

Among them, there were 1590 children's wear stores, a year-on-year increase of 433.

As a key business, children's clothing stores planned to add about 150 in 2013.

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< p > < strong > new business: competition for children's wear market < /strong > < /p >

< p > children's wear market competition has become increasingly clear among sporting goods stocks.

As a business highlight of 2012, the business has made remarkable achievements after two years of development, providing additional impetus for the development of the depressed industry.

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P > 433 children's clothing stores increased within a year. By the end of 2012, there were 1590 children's clothing stores, and the 2013 store plan also reached 150 speed, which seemed to explain the problem.

It is reported that, as of December 31, 2012, the earnings of 331 degrees of children's clothing rose 97.7% to 370 million yuan last year, accounting for 7.5% of the group's turnover, almost doubling the previous year.

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In order to excavate the potential of children's clothing market, P has actively promoted cross-border marketing. After winning the praise of Batman and Spiderman products in the first half of last year, they went all in to catch up. In the third quarter of 2012, they signed a contract with Warner Brothers. They were authorized to make children's clothing for their movie Superman: ManofSteel, and lay a stable foundation for the steady development of children's clothing business.

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< p > in the investment report of 31st degree, it has taken a clear-cut view of the development of children's clothing business as a "forward-looking" plan.

It is reported that the 31st degree children's wear product series and its proportion of group turnover and sales volume have all increased rapidly, which has brought great value to the group in this most difficult year.

The group is very laudable about the expansion of children's clothing portfolio and the source of its revenue. "It can become a driving force for growth in the future".

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P, XTEP's new market moves this year will also point to children's clothing.

XTEP believes that, based on the growing popularity of children's wear market and the foreseeable good business prospects, although children's clothing business currently accounts for only 1%-2% of XTEP's total business income, this does not affect the group's confidence in expanding children's clothing market.

In 2013, XTEP will add 100 -200 children's wear shops to two or three line cities.

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< p >, as the market leader of the first nuggets and children's sporting goods market in China, Anta failed to let go of the last "fat meat".

Ding Shizhong, chairman of the board of directors of Anta, said that children aged three to seven were their target customers. More and more parents attached importance to the quality of children's sporting goods by the rise of urbanization and affluence in China. "Their demand for the purchase of children's products brand is increasing. Meanwhile, children's sports products are more dispersed than the adult sports market, and it is expected that the growth of public spending on famous brands will bring opportunities for us to open up business."

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< p > < strong > > a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > marketing < /a >: Deepening the existing advantages and improving the retail efficiency. < /strong > /p >

< p > integration of resources and continuing to engage in a deep marketing campaign are the survival strategies that major sporting goods companies have to choose.

At present, the layout of the two or three line cities, deep plowing sports events endorsement market, mining new channel advantages, become a weapon of several big companies.

< /p >

< p > "as a company specializing in brand management, we strengthen the image and relevance of Anta brand in the consumer's mind by integrating resources, including sponsorship, endorsements, resource advertising, publicity activities, corporate social responsibility, store image and value for money professional and fashionable sports products".

Ding Shizhong said that promoting the distribution network and supply chain with the brand concept, passing the brand mission, vision and core values to consumers is a must go way.

< /p >

< p > it is understood that in view of the widespread expectation that most sporting goods brands will continue to implement clean inventory and retail channel reform measures.

As these initiatives take some time to be effective, competition in the sporting goods industry will remain fierce.

< /p >

In order to cope with the uncertain market situation and enhance competitiveness for our distribution network, Anta will continue to control the retailer's inventory level and store opening plan carefully, P.

In addition, we will enhance the coverage of ERP system in retail channels, so as to obtain more timely market information, help us to develop accurate product planning and ordering guidelines, work closely with retailers, provide them with comprehensive support, help improve operational efficiency and strive for better retail performance.

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< p > > a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > 360 degree < /a >, it indicates that the business mode innovation will be carried out in the old channels. In the large shopping entertainment center represented by Wanda City Plaza, through the "31 degree fashion dress collection store", it can provide high performance price ratio products suitable for adults and children fashion leisure, lifestyle and fashion sports series for different ages to cater for the needs of future market development.

< /p >

"P >" consolidating the high-end market of the first and second tier cities, in the three tier and smaller cities in the main and low-end market positions, continue to strengthen product development, brand building, marketing and control of the inventory level of sales channels.

Through retailers to provide training, provide upper allowance to improve store display and shopping environment uses, and promote ePOS (retail terminal electronic enterprise resource planning system) and other measures to help retailers improve store efficiency.

< /p >

In the region, the P group will steadily expand the western and northern markets and consolidate its advantages in the East and the south, so as to further optimize the layout of the national network.

< /p >

"P >" despite the temporary oversupply of the market, China's continued urbanization, public awareness of health and the government's policy to encourage people to do more exercise, healthy living, and the national plan of 12th Five-Year to stimulate domestic consumer spending and the rise of distributive income, will promote the sports apparel industry long, "said deputy chief Zhao Feng, 360 degrees.

< /p >

"P >" believe that strong brand, effective marketing and product innovation and other competitive advantages will enable industry operators to tide over the difficulties until the market improves.

In the difficult business market, the survivor will become stronger.

< /p >

< p > < strong > industry adjustment needs to be more cautious in the year < /strong > < /p >

< p > after the rapid expansion of the past few years, the development of sports a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > dress > /a > has not been driven by sales volume in the future.

It is not hard to predict that in 2013, China's sports apparel industry will have a major adjustment.

< /p >

< p > the problem of sporting goods is that the rapid development of the past few years has made the channel continue to expand rapidly, resulting in an increase in terminal inventories, coupled with the slowing down of the consumer market as the economy slows down, highlighting the issue of homogenization of products, and intensifying competition among sports brands.

At the moment, the industry has brought heavy pressure on the development of the whole industry to digest inventory, discount and sales promotion.

< /p >

< p > reviewing the performance of major sporting goods companies last year, the decline in profits is inevitable.

The industry generally believes that the oversupply of sports apparel in China, the average selling price and gross profit margin of products are therefore dragged down, which makes the industry fiercely competitive and the business environment difficult.

In particular, the sports apparel industry has entered a period of high inventory after the rapid growth period driven by sales volume. In the long run, large enterprises need to take measures to clear up the oversupply.

These measures include selling goods at a large discount at the retail level, cancelling orders for some orders, reducing the expansion of retail outlets, and strengthening marketing efforts.

Sports apparel companies meet the changing needs of the market by developing new products and adjusting their product mix.

With the unique brand image, innovative design, high quality and high performance products and new product lines, the key to win the market share is the next step.

In view of the fact that the sportswear market has experienced an oversupply after the rapid growth of sales volume over the past years, most of the management interviewed by reporters have considered that the expansion plan for the sales point of adult sports clothing business should adopt a cautious strategy, and the new business market such as children's clothing is a cake that can be excavated, but we should also be vigilant against a new round of overproduction.

< /p >

Looking forward to the future, the sports apparel industry will continue to reform and pform in the fierce market competition pattern. The digestion of inventory will remain the focus of attention in the short term in the industry. P

Nevertheless, there is still an optimistic outlook on the macro level. Most of the sporting goods companies are optimistic about the long-term development of the sports apparel industry, supported by the central government's policy support for the need for economic development driven by the central government in 2013, the advancement of urbanization in China, and the improvement of living standards and health awareness of residents.

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