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Hengda Shoes And Soles Won The National New Patent Certificate.

2014/1/19 19:48:00 37

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< p > recently, Qingdao's "a shoes" http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp "Hengda < /a" independently developed by Limited by Share Ltd, "a sole of a pair of slipper shoes" - Heng Da Xiao shoes soles, was awarded the practical new patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. This is another fruitful achievement that Hengda shares pays attention to independent technological innovation and strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights.

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< p style= "text-align: center" > strong > utility model patent -- a kind of slipper's < a href= > http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp > shoe sole < /a > (filial shoes sole) < /strong > /p >

< p > with the improvement of people's living standard, more and more attention is paid to the comfort and skid resistance of shoes, especially the elderly's demand for the skid resistance of shoes is getting higher and higher.

Every year, the injury caused by falling shoes has become the first killer of the elderly. According to statistics, 30% of the elderly over 65 fall at least 1 times a year, and the probability of falling will increase with age.

The incidence of falls in elderly people over the age of 80 is as high as 50%.

According to statistics, the annual cost of treating thigh fractures of the middle-aged and elderly people in China is as high as 10 billion 400 million yuan.

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< p style= "text-align: center" > strong > Hengda a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp" > filial shoes < /a > and sole display < /strong > /p >

< p > "a sole of a skid shoe" is designed to solve the problem that the existing shoe products have the function of skidding in the wearing process, but the effect is not obvious. It provides an anti slip layer on the front part of the sole and the heel part of the shoe, thereby realizing a sole product with skid proof effect.

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< p > Hengda independently developed "a kind of soles for shoes with slipper". The front anti slip layer and the rear anti slip layer are respectively arranged on the front sole and the heel part of the sole, and the above patent products can effectively reduce the weight of the body. Using the design concept of the "branch" shape, the sole can be well contacted with the ground, and the grip of the sole is increased. Meanwhile, the ground convex part can effectively prevent the sole from slipping and effectively solves the shoe wearing requirements of the middle-aged and the elderly.

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Up to now, Hengda has applied for more than 800 national patents. In November 2012, Hengda was awarded the three-star "Chinese patent Shandong star enterprise", becoming the highest level among the patent star enterprises.

The amount of patent application and the amount of authorization are the most direct manifestation of a company's intellectual property creation capability, and also a rigid requirement for the creation of innovative enterprises.

The certification of these patents further increased the stock of intangible assets of Hengda Limited by Share Ltd and enhanced the core competitiveness and brand influence of the company.

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