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Data Collection Rules Before Brand Enterprises Participate In Order Assessment

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< p > < a > href= > http://sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp > > < /a > may be the most extensive and the most important link in the evaluation work, which requires more input. < /p >
< p > the main means of collecting information are: collecting ready-made information, arranging records, convening meetings, organizing discussions, sending inquiries and inquiring tables, etc. Among them, the questionnaire is a typical quantitative assessment method, while arranging conversation is a typical qualitative assessment method, most of which are between the two, with both qualitative and quantitative content. Qualitative methods are suitable for in-depth understanding of nature and discovery problems, and can be used for design work, publicity work and other assessment contents; quantitative methods are suitable for extensive collection of data and can be used for trade effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and other assessment contents. Assessment of data collection practices. < /p >
< p > > a href= "http://sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp" > < strong > item specification content < /strong > /a > /p >
< p > collection of ready-made information (1) available information mainly includes information about ordering society, information in newspapers and magazines, and information on professional information consulting and evaluation companies. < /p >
< p > (2) most of the organizer of the order organizer has statistical information about the order meeting. This is the main information for the ordering meeting. The organizer of the order organizer will have these information after careful work. The quantity and quality of exhibitors are very valuable assessment materials in the statistical information of the organizer. < /p >
< p > (3) to collect relevant reports from newspapers and magazines. The news media, especially the professional and internal media reports, represent some aspects of their opinions and opinions. Some reports are quite comprehensive and profound. They are good assessment materials. If the exhibitors do not have the energy or data sources, they can entrust a professional newspaper clipping company. In some countries, an information consulting firm specializing in ordering orders is available for information but usually paid. < /p >
< p > arranging the record (1) daily record is one of the main bases of evaluation work. In the process of exhibition preparation, especially during the exhibition, we should arrange the record. < /p >
< p > (2) records include work items, work links, work results, expenses and so on. < /p >
< p > (3) a lot of assessment data should be provided by daily records, such as the number of exhibitors participating in the exhibition, the number of trade enquiries, the number of samples requested, the number of customer relationships, the volume and amount of intent, the number and amount of transactions. < /p >
< p > < strong > convening meeting < /strong > /p >
< p > (1) is an important way for exhibition to collect statistics and information. < /p >
< p > (2) the form of meetings mainly includes inspection sessions during the preparatory period, summaries and summing UPS during the exhibition. < /p >
< p > (3) the conference itself is mainly a means of management. Proper arrangement can also be an important means of collecting information. < /p >
< p > < strong > > a href= "http://sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp" > organization discussion < /a > /strong > /p >
< p > (1) discussion is an important way to collect qualitative assessment contents. < /p >
< p > (2) the evaluation forum is not idle chat, but requires full preparation and careful organization. < /p >
< p > (3) the host is best able to evaluate professional knowledge and technology, organize ability, control the content and direction of the discussion without any trace, and naturally inspire and deeply explore participants' views and opinions. < /p >
< p > (4) qualified exhibitors can invite professionals from government departments, chambers of Commerce, associations, ordering societies, etc. to gather professional opinions and comments. (Wen / Guo Hanyao) < /p >
< p > (5) unconditional exhibitors can choose to have internally experienced and responsible personnel for discussion. < /p >
< p > collecting information from exhibitors by questionnaire. (1) the questionnaire is the main way to collect quantitative assessment contents, and is also one of the main sources of information for exhibition evaluation. < /p >
< p > (2) the use of questionnaires is mainly for exhibitors. If they are collective exhibitions, they can also use questionnaires to exhibitors. < /p >
< p > (3) the theoretical basis of the questionnaire is probability theory, that is, to study the regularity of the inevitable phenomenon from the perspective of quantity. The use of questionnaires is characterized by sampling. According to the random sampling method of probability theory, the accuracy of the survey results is quite high. If it is a random sample survey without scientific basis, the result may be very deviant or even contrary. Therefore, the ideal situation is to display the company's professional personnel to prepare the questionnaire in advance, organize the special person to conduct random sampling survey on participating enterprises during the exhibition, or entrust a professional company to handle it. < /p >
< p > (4) if possible, prepare small gifts to the exhibitors with serious answers. < /p >
< p > use the questionnaire to collect information from exhibiting personnel or visiting customers. (1) if it is a larger exhibition or collective exhibition, you can investigate the exhibition staff or visiting customers. < /p >
< p > (2) because the number of respondents is relatively large, we can use the sampling method to investigate the whole population. < /p >
< p > (3) even if it is an internal investigation, it can also be entrusted to a professional company. < /p >
< p > (4) commissioned professional companies need to pay, but the survey results are generally not affected by interpersonal relationships, the results are fair, the quality is relatively high, this is its advantage. < /p >
< p > (5) the survey results of the exhibition staff or visiting customers are of great value to the evaluation, especially for the organizers' work evaluation and the statistics of the trade harvest is the most important content of the assessment. < /p >
< p > (6) the questionnaire for exhibition personnel can be simpler. < /p >
Guo Hanyao: teacher is a marketing management specialist in real world, a lecturer in the global 500, the most valuable dealer training expert, a growth enterprise brand operation management expert, a sales and marketing magazine's first marketing group expert, a winner's auditorium special expert, a senior order training expert, a gold medal sales trainer, a senior shop manager training expert, a practical training lecturer. It is a brand marketing consultant of many growing enterprises. It has been a professional manager for brand business, management consulting organization and brand marketing planning agency for thirteen years, and has rich experience in marketing management. He is currently a leader in the brand marketing planning agency of Jiuzhou colleague, a senior invited lecturer in the brand marketing planning institute of Hsiao Shuo, a senior lecturer in the International Management Institute of Shanghai, a lecturer in the management department of Shenzhen, and a brand marketing consultant in Shenzhen. He is the dean of the school of terminal management, the dean of the school of terminal management, the dean of the marketing school, the principal consultant of the national marketing brand, the dean of the marketing school, the chief architect of the brand of Ou Meibao, the whole case operation consultant of Hongda Fu, the special expert of the game management agency of the Xiamen, the gold medal lecturer of the president training network of China, the signing instructor of the Tao network, and the lecturer of the joint network. < /p >
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